High Fashion

How Can I Become a High Fashion Model?

If you love high fashion and have the looks to go along with that passion, a modeling career may be for you. There are certain things every aspiring model needs in order to be successful and have longevity in the industry. Some of these factors you have very little control over, such as your height and ethnicity. Female models have an average height ranging between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 11 inches. Male models are usually between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 3 inches. Don’t worry about factors you can’t control. Only focus on the things you can.

dv1217010 Step 1 Invest time and effort into learning your craft.

Step 2 Take time to research local agencies. Call the BBB to get reviews and also check out social media before interviewing with the agency.

Step 3 Be prepared for your interview!! This is your first impression. Be on time, dress in an outfit that shows your figure in an appropriate way. Please do not go overboard with makeup. The agent needs to see your natural features. Some makeup is fine. It is best to not take friends with you to your interview. If you have friends that are interested, they should have a separate appointment so all of the agent’s focus is on you.

Step 4 If accepted and representation is offered, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF YOUR AGENT!! Your agent knows more about marketing you than what your friend thinks or what your mom told you. Many people have opinions about agencies, truth is, if they knew so much about marketing talent, they would be agents!

Step 5 Every talent needs marketing materials. Each and every single person is promoted in a different way based on their market, interests, features, age range, experience and stats. An inexperienced talent should not try to complete this step on their own. Your agent knows what he/she needs to effectively promote you. Let them help you! They have connections and the knowledge to explain to photographers, printers and coaches what will benefit you the most.

Step 6 Get Anderson Talent to work for you. Anderson Talent Management is looking for new clients. If you are interested, submit a Contact request, along with a photo, if available. If the agent likes your look, she will bring you in for an interview and offer you a representation contract.

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