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*******UTAH Casting calls!

PAID. We excited to announce that we are casting a feature film, “Fall City,” which will be shooting in and around Salt Lake City on selected weeks from October 2017-January 2018. The first found of on-line video auditions run from today through August 19th.

We look forward to seeing your tape!

This is a very honest, authentic drama and we are looking for people who are natural, vulnerable and authentic in appearance and performance. Interested actors should be comfortable being on camera with little to no makeup.

If your interested please upload a video to MySelfTape app or YouTube.  Send links of your audition to no later than August 19th at midnight.

NOTE: This film will shoot half in Utah and half in the Seattle area. Some characters will be shot in Utah only, some in Washington only and some in both locations, so please pay particular attention to those notations on the attached document to ensure your talent reads for the Utah-based roles.

Tara Lee Erich Cannon

You can now get the casting breakdown and sides at



*******Idaho Casting calls!

Paid acting role! I have had an actor drop out last-minute due to a health emergency. I need someone to play the role of this bad hombre, an Idaho criminal who went by Harry Orchard. You don’t have to look like him though, the photo below is just so you can capture his attitude.

Male, 30 to 50, must be available for rehearsal in Nampa July 12 and 13 (6:30 to 8pm) and performances in Downtown Nampa July 14 (call time 4:30pm) and July 15 (call times 8:30 am and 4:30pm). $40 per show.

Please send a headshot and resume (or just your current contact info and a list of your relevant experience) to


I am needing a teenage actor for a small walk-on role in a live Wild West Shootout Show I am directing. Must have the ability to wear a dress and be ridiculous in public without shame. Must be available in Nampa from 6:30 to 8pm on July 12 and 13, 4:30 to 5:30pm on July 14, and 8am to 6pm on July 15. Paid, amount tbd.

I am also looking for a kid actor to play a couple very small roles (with lines!), they would need to be available same as above. Know any talented, outgoing kids who enjoy the spotlight? Paid!

Email with a headshot and resume, or just your name, current contact info and a list of your relevant experience. Thanks!


8-12 EXTRAS NEEDED!!! For feature film, “Pinewood.”

Friday, July 7th @ noon. In Middleton Idaho. The scene is a “Prom.” You will be expected to show up to set with your wardrobe, hair and makeup done. This is non-paying. You will however get, film credit, As well as a copy of the film when complete. This position is ideal for someone looking for experience or something fun to do. Please message if interested or contactPinewood – The Movie or! Thank you!


Casting in Pocatello, Idaho

  • Man to play an old father/grandfather aged 75-80 (set in present day) – non speaking $10/hour
  • Man to play an adult son aged 45-55 (set in present day) – speaking $15/hour
  • Woman to play an adult daughter aged 45-55 (set in present day) – speaking $15/hour
  • Man to play a young father aged 30-40 (set in the 1960s) – speaking $15/hour
  • Boy to play a young son aged 8-12 (set in the 1960s) – non speaking $10/hour
  • Girl to play a young daughter aged 8-12 (set in the 1960s) – non speaking $10/hour


*******Idaho Audition!

Calling Idaho actors! Your talent is needed!
FINN’S WHISTLE, a short film, will be shooting in and around Hailey, Idaho, June 14-18.  
This film centers around a spunky and idealistic girl who is convinced that her mother’s childhood whistle will cure her kidney disease.
Director: Kelsey Selby
Producers: Joseph Itaya, Kim Selby, Miles Debray
DP: Ben Molyneaux
We are casting 4 characters. Here is a brief breakdown for each:
FINN, 8-12 year old girl, spunky, sassy, looking for adventure, very independent
KADE, 8-12 year old boy, sweet natured, adorable, curious
JOHN, 40s, thoughtful, kind, a little sad
JULIA, 30-40, wise and loving, dying of kidney failure
Talent submissions are being accepted now! Please read the sides below.
Get into character, take a brief video selfie introducing yourself and explaining why you would be great for the part of __________. You can also read a few lines from the sides.
Please upload your brief cell phone video to Youtube and forward the link to:
Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested!
Questions? Email


Boy 1: 18- 20, Caucasian. Long straight hair. The group’s fearful but headstrong leader. Caring, but can be forceful when he needs to be. Has kind of a nervous look.
Boy 2: Caucasian, 18- 20. Big curly hair. Always wears the same baseball cap. Joker of the group. Almost too willing to believe in magic. Tries to be funny.
Boy 3: African American, 18- 20. The most serious of the group. Confident, but skeptical. Deeply cares about his friends and doesn’t want anything to tear that apart.
Girl 1: Caucasian, 18-20. Skittish and quiet. Wants to trust the others but has a hard time doing so at first. Extremely protective when her friends are threatened. Serious face. Ideally, it would be best if she had short hair, but not required.

Email your resume and headshot to schedule an appointment.

Utah County
$150 – MALE 25-35
$150 – FEMALE 25-35
Looking for Male/Female actors that can play husband-wife for a Kickstarter video this Friday.


Be a featured extra for an epic continuous shot commercial for BYU Food To Go!

WHEN: Wednesday June 7th
WHERE: Provo, UT area
WHO: All ages, ethnicities, body types; pretty much anyone
PAY: $15/hr

Thank you!

Email with a current headshot and full body shot. Pictures from a phone will suffice. Please put in the subject line: Food2Go Talent.

*Film Cast Needed*


Be part of our fun and funny narrative short film/music video that follows a dad on his journey back from the future. Filming will begin on June 19th-22nd and be shot in the Salt Lake City area. Compensation will vary, email for more information. Finally, only serious applicants will receive a copy of the script. Thank you and good luck!

If you are interested please email your portfolio/example works to Christo Gil for more info.
Auditions announcements will be shared by invite only


*******NATIONAL GAP Casting Call

The advertising campaign is looking for ordinary people who are helping kids in their communities and seeking to celebrate the lives of influencers who may sometimes go unnoticed. Miami Talent is accepting submissions as well as nominations for everyday people making a lasting impact on future generations.   The spot is looking for occupations such as teachers, bus drivers, lunch ladies… or men, coaches and mentors.

This is a nationwide casting call and folks interested may send in an online submission via email.  Ideally, the casting team for the project is looking for men and women, ages 25 to 75 who work with kids ages 8 to 12.  They would love to find  mentors working with an ethnically diverse group of children but are open to all scenarios within the age range that instill confidence, courage, motivation and kindness in the lives of the children they work with. They are looking for those people who go above and beyond and who will be remembered for their warmth, their charm, & maybe even their quirkiness.

There is a deadline to submit for the casting which is April 13th. Talent cast for the  GAP Kids will be paid.  The rate is $1200 per shoot day. and the project will shoot one or two days between May 1st and May 15th 2017.

Please note that the casting call is for adults to be cast in a GAP KIDS commercial and campaign.They are not casting kids and this is not a Baby GAP casting for the annual GAP baby modeling contests.


BabyGap & Gap Kids casting call

Gap Kids National Commercial online auditions:

Submitting asap ..deadline april 13
Rate $1200 per shoot day

Shoots one or two days between May 1-15
GAP Kids is celebrating the real unsung heroes who make a difference in children’s lives with a new back to school campaign.
Influencers, heroes, teachers, coaches, and mentors who work with kids ages 8-12 or so. Looking for inspiring and moving stories. looking to celebrate the stories of the real unsung heroes in children’s lives.

ADULT mentors that are encouraging, teaching & guiding them to forward.

Do you have someone you would like to nominate? A teacher? Friend? Family member? Yourself?….We are looking for the teachers, bus drivers, lunch ladies, coaches, mentors for example who have a positive and unique impact on our future generations. GAP Kids wants to acknowledge the love they put into all they do, and their role in instilling confidence, courage, motivation,  possibility and kindness in the lives of the children they work with.

We are looking for those people who go above and beyond and who will be remembered for their warmth, their charm, & maybe even their quirkiness.

Casting men and women ages 25 to 75, all ethnicities, nationwide, who work with children between the ages of 8-12. Ideally we would love to find teachers/mentors working with an ethnically diverse group of children but we are open to all scenarios within the age range.

Males and females, all ethnicities, ages 24-75 or so.


*******New Teen Series UT & ID 3/14


*******IDAHO 2/8

Twin Falls Commercial Audition!  If you were chosen for this, you would have received an email & need to reply to be submitted.  Thanks!

*******IDAHO 2/8

All the details can be found here:

Actors can also sign up to audition there, or email me at


*******UTAH 2/8

I am casting a digital series, which will be shooting in the Salt Lake City area, starting March 6. We are actively seeking actors for the show.  Below is information on the production as well as character descriptions. Email if interested.




Prod. Co: Haven Entertainment

Shoot Dates: 3/6/2017 for 6 weeks

Location: Salt Lake City.Utah

Pay rate: $400 /day (12 hour days) for supporting roles



SYNOPSIS:  One month into college, a freshman dies – suicide or murder? Everyone on the dorm hall suspects one another of foul play. Each week spotlights a different character, so a hero one week is a villain the next.


JANE’S MOM: Female, CAUCASIAN, mid 40s – mid 50s, SPEAKS FLUENT RUSSIAN. Well-known and well-regarded academic. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


JANE’S DAD: Male, CAUCASIAN, mid 40s – mid 50s. SPEAKS FLUENT RUSSIAN. Well-known and well-regarded academic. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


BRENDAN THE RA: Male, ANY ETHNICITY, 21 years old. Perpetually stoned resident advisor for the floor. He is well-meaning but oblivious. SUPPORTING – 4 episodes


PROFESSOR LAURA CAREN: Female, ANY ETHNICITY, 40s, MILF-y hot, calculus professor. She is a harsh grader and an even temperament but a short fuse when challenged. SUPPORTING – 3 episodes


DETECTIVE KILPATRICK: Female, ANY ETHNICITY, 30s. Condescending and no-nonsense approach. She and her partner investigate a major crime on campus.  SUPPORTING – 2 Episodes


DETECTIVE MOORE: Male, Caucasian, 30s. By-the-book detective with a no-nonsense approach. He and his partner investigate a major crime on campus. SUPPORTING – 3 episodes


REPORTER: Female, ASIAN, late 20s – mid 30s. Attractive and put-together entertainment TV reporter. She will get the story. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


COACH CRUZ: Male, Latin or African-American, early 40s. Fit physique – clearly played football back in the day and now works as Woodlawn College’s Football Team’s head coach. Tough, straightforward, treats his players like adults. SUPPORTING – 1 EPISODE


MIKE COSTA: Male, 20 years old, Caucasian, Handsome, charming and fit. Football Captain for Woodlawn College’s football team. Flirtatious with the ladies but might take some things too far. SUPPORTING – 3 episodes


TI: Male, 19 years old, Caucasian or African-American, VERY fit with large physique. Football player on Woodlawn College’s team. Nice guy but aggressive on the field and off when he needs to be. He has a good sense of humor and is not afraid to speak his mind. SUPPORTING – 2 episodes


GRANT: Male, 20 years old, Caucasian. Burly, teddy-bear physique. Frat house betting bookie who commands the realm of underground sports betting at Woodlawn College. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


STUDENT ACTIVIST: Female, 20 years old, ANY ETHNICITY, Average looking, put-together student who cares about all the causes. Right now, she is organizing a rally on sexual misconduct. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


GENEVA GRACE: Female, 35-40 years old, ANY ETHNICITY. Beautiful and very fit. Geneva is an Angelina Jolie A-list actress whose torrid affair with Taylor Price thrusts them both in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. SUPPORTING – 1 EPISODE


MARY BETH RUMMEL: Female, early 50s, Caucasian, SLIGHT SOUTHERN ACCENT. Wholesome with a judgmental edge, Mary Beth is Chris’s domineering mother who clearly cares for Chris but doesn’t understand Chris at all. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


HANK RUMMEL: Male, early 50s, Caucasian. Chris’s father. Kind, tired, somewhat brow-beaten by his wife Mary Beth. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


PROFESSOR HAL HOFFENKAMP: Male, Caucasian. Late 50s. Thick, full bear with glasses. Academic all the way. He is Woodlawn College’s Russian Literature Professor. Fair but will not be pushed around. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


  1. DUSEDAU: Female, 30s. Works at Woodlawn College’s Campus Health Center. Professional and kind, she remembers what it was like to be a student. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


GLORIA VELEZ: Female, 40s, LATINA. SPEAKS FLUENT SPANISH.  Tough but loving to her daughter. Despite many hardships, she is determined to support her family via cleaning houses. SUPPORTING – 1 episode


JO: MALE, 20s, CAUCASIAN, overgrown frat boy trying to be deep as a Hollywood agent.  Reps at a top agency. SUPPORTING – 1 episode

*******UTAH Sundance promo work

*******UTAH 1/12

Happy New Years Utah Actors.

I’m casting features for Nathan Pacheco newest music video. We are looking for the following.

JrHigh/High School Bestie: Two (2) Ethnic females Age 14-17

Lonely elderly man: One (1) Male Any Ethnicity Age 60+

Neighbors: Real Mother Age 25+ and Daughter Age 4-8

Audition will be held Friday Jan 13, 2017 so please submit ASAP.

Shoot Date: Jan 20, 2017



*******BOISE 1/12















RATE : $ 200.00 FLAT  [ 1 PREP DATE & 1  SHOW DATE   ]

If you are available reply back to this email & we will let you know the location.  Thanks!!


*******UTAH 12/2

If you haven’t heard the news, the Publishing Services Department is embarking on a very large Book of Mormon video project!  We are so excited to begin casting!


We will be filming over the course of 4 years and our first year (summer 2017) is going to be covering the book of First Nephi.  We need to fill a variety of featured and background roles, but we are also looking for the following LEAD roles:


NEPHI This is a role we are, at this point, a little anxious about.  If you have any LDS young men in your “stable,” who are solid actors, please encourage them to audition.








Go to this link to read all the details about the shoot, the roles, and on how to audition:


*******IDAHO 12/2

People of Earth. I need to hire one person to wear a Mascot costume and two outgoing people to wear help escort them around town Dec 10th for 8 hours. $300 bucks each and you’ll be making the world a better place. Shoot me at email at


*******UTAH 12/2

Casting for a corporate commercial. Multi-day shoot. Pay is $500/day. It is for a product promoting an active lifestyle, so looking for a…

Female age 25-40 with athletic ABILITY but NOT a fitness model body. We need someone who has the body type of an average female. Size 6 – 20

Open to any ethnicity.

Looking to film before the end of the year.

Please email full bodyshot, resume and reel if available to

EDIT: Thank you for the submissions, however many submitting are quite thin. A reminder we are not looking for the fitness model body.


*******UTAH 12/2




Disney’s “Andi Mack”

$101.50/up to 12 hours (most of the time it is shorter but don’t guarantee it)


Male/Female 12-14 year old (Jr. HS)

Yes, kids will need to miss school

Yes, a guradian must stay with the child

Wednesday November 30

Thursday December 1

Friday December 2

Location: Not scheduled yet but will be in SLC and Magna Area

Getting a head start on people’s availability for next week.

We will still film if it snows, so beware.






Parents Name

In the title put what day(s) you are available





I am a MFA student at the University of Utah in the film department. We are holding auditions for the advanced film production projects. Could you please spread the word to your actors?


Date: December 3rd

Time: 10 am – 6 pm

Location: Film and Media Arts Auditorium. Building 36. 370 S 1530 E Salt Lake City UT 84112


Please call our office at 801-585-0424 to sign up for a time slot.


I attached the flier and the map for the event. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Angelaslide1 auditionscolor


We will shoot B-roll coverage for two true, real-life stories of members whose lives were changed by the Seminary or Institute program. You may read a brief synopsis of each story here:

Mike’s Story (1986) —

Frank’s Story (1993-97) —


As the footage is coverage for an on-screen narrative, most of these roles (unless specified) require very little “acting,” per se. There are no scripted lines. If you would be interested and available, please apply!



MICHAEL (‘86) – Caucasian Male, blonde, age 15-17, lean, active. This character has a mullet (popular at the time). It is a PLUS if your hair is long enough to add extensions, or if you already have longish hair.


FRANK (‘93) – Caucasian Male, brunette, age 14-16, lean, active. The story requires Frank to be “fighting back tears.” So there is some acting involved.


FRANK (‘97) – Caucasian Male, brunette, age 22, lean, active. The story requires Frank to be “crying like a baby” (his own words) while driving. So there is some acting involved.



Michael’s Mom (‘86) – Caucasian Female, blonde, 40s

Sister Lyman (‘86 Seminary Teacher) – Adult Female, 30s – 60s, any ethnicity.

Sister Schmidt (‘93 Seminary Teacher) – Adult Female, 30s – 60s, any ethnicity.



Brother Haws, Institute Teacher (‘97) – Adult Male, 30s – 60s, any ethnicity.

Steve, Frank’s brother-in-law (‘97) – Caucasian Male, late 20s, lean, active.



Seminary Students (‘86 / ‘93) – Background. Female/Male, age 14-17.

Institute Students (‘97) – Background. Female/Male, age 18-25.


SHOOT DATE: Monday, November 28, 2016 (Subject to change.)


PAID: Yes! (Please watch our blog for updates as the information becomes available:

LDS: Yes. All applicants must be temple-worthy members of the LDS Church as determined by your local ecclesiastical authority.





(1) Please take 4 still photos. A current digital snapshot is preferred.

  • Headshot: from the chest, upward. Looking at camera.
  • Profile: from the chest, upward. Facing directly to one side.
  • Full body, facing camera.
  • Full body, profile.

(2) Photos should be well lit, without obstructing accessories like sunglasses or hats.

(3) IMPORTANT! Photo files must be named with the individual’s FULL NAME.

This is the format: “Smith, John-1.jpg” (LastName, FirstName-#.jpg).



Go to this online LINK and complete the brief application form. You will be able to upload the four photo files there. The form will not accept files larger than 2MB/each.


PLEASE RESPOND as soon as possible! Deadline to apply is 7pm, Tuesday, November 22, 2016!



Casting for Christmas Commercial

1.) Mom – mid-30’s
2.) Dad – mid-30’s
3.) Older Boy – age range 12-15
4.) Older Girl – age range 10-13
5.) Youngest Child – boy or girl – age range 9-10 – we’d prefer someone who looks a bit younger
6.) Grandma – age range 60-70
7.) Grandpa – age range 60-70

I’d like to bring people in for auditions next week (Mon, Tue, or Wed)

If you are interested please email with name, phone, email, head shot, resume, links to work samples.


Looking for kids 8 – 14, parent mid 30’s & and older retired couple for a shoot in BURLEY one day the week of Dec 14th (TBD).  Travel is not paid.  Please let Rosie know if you are available & can get to Burley.  Thanks!



We are a beauty school called the beauty institute Schwarzkopf professional. We are having a fashion show that the students, our future professionals, will be hosting. They are doing hair and makeup with the help of a local designer, STRY and Rue 21 that is assisting with clothing. They will get their model ready on November 30th at 9am. And the show starts at 4pm that day. It would be perfect if the model is able to communicate with their assigned student to make sure everything is good and on the same page about timing and sizes. It is a free event, we have other salon owners as well as stylist that will be in the audience.
We want to give the students practice in the fashion show and editorial world since most have voiced that that’s were their dreams are taking them.
If any models are willing to help out our students that would be fantastic..
Thank you! If you can let me know ASAP as we will also have a host and need a short bio about the model that our host can share with the audience.  Email if available


Looking for adults 20-55 yrs old all ethnicities to work on a Cabela’s Commercial as background talent.

This is an all night shoot. Starting Nov 2, 2016 and going until the morning of Nov 3.
it will start around 9pm and go until around 9AM in the morning. You must be available all night.

Pay is $250

If you are available and interested please send a photo(please only send one Photo! We do not need 5) of what you look like today(Selfies are ok)
Please include your best phone number and your name in the email. We will be sending photos to the client for them to pick who they would like to hire.

Send Too:



Need 4 teens for the Wahooz shoot Nov 3rd.  MUST BE WILLING TO WORK FOR TRADE



LDS Project.  Email for more info


NEPHI: Male 16-early 20’s; Physically fit and strong; An olive complexion or Mediterranean look preferred; Medium length to longer hair preferred (hair should at least cover most of the ear and some of the collar if possible)

ESTHER: Female 16-early 20’s; An olive complexion or Mediterranean look preferred; acting or modeling experience preferred

KING AHASUERUS: Male 30-50; Persian; Bearded; Medium length to longer hair preferred

BROTHER OF JARED: Male 30-50; “a large and mighty man” physically fit and strong; Bearded; Medium length to longer hair preferred

MARTHA: Female 20-25; An olive complexion or Mediterranean look preferred; acting or modeling experience preferred

JOSEPH SMITH: Male 30-35; Caucasian; Medium length to longer hair preferred as this will be shot from behind Joseph looking out the window grate of Liberty Jail; possible profile shot, as well

ALMA THE YOUNGER: Male 25-35; Physically fit and strong; An olive complexion preferred; Medium length to longer hair preferred

PAUL: Male 25-35; Smaller in stature, well built, prominent Roman nose, sharp face, small black eyes; Bearded

PERSIAN GUARDS: Male 20-50; Persian; Physically fit and strong; Bearded; Medium length to longer hair preferred

CHRIST’S DISCIPLES: Male 20-50; Bearded with an olive complexion or Mediterranean look. Medium length to longer hair preferred

SONS OF MOSIAH: Male 18-45; Bearded with medium length or longer hair

Applications: Due by Monday, October 31st

Shoot: November 7-17; Those cast will be needed for a ½ to full day during the production timeline.

Provo, Little Sahara Desert, Goshen
NEPHI – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
ESTHER – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
KING AHASUERUS – $175 +10% agency fee, if applicable
BROTHER OF JARED – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
MARTHA – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
JOSEPH SMITH – $175 +10% agency fee, if applicable
ALMA THE YOUNGER – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
PAUL – $225 +10% agency fee, if applicable
PERSIAN GUARDS – $125 +10% agency fee, if applicable
CHRIST’S DISCIPLES – $125 +10% agency fee, if applicable
SONS OF MOSIAH – $125 +10% agency fee, if applicable

*******BOISE & SLC

***VOICE Talent Needed***

I’m looking for voice talent. I’d like an older man’s voice. I’d love a Donald Sutherland / Morgan Freeman-type. Wise, distinguished, experienced, etc.

Note 1 – I’m not on FB and have a billion FB notices so please just email me at – that’s the only way I’ll be able to see your responses

Note 2 – Even though it’s for a VO I’d still like the person to have acting experience.

Note 3 – They don’t have to be from Utah.

Last – This is a paid gig.

*******BOISE & SLC



























*******SLC 10/9

Female models needed for a commercial shoot in SLC on 10/17. This is a shoot for a skin care company.  No facial piercings allowed.  The shoot will be half day & rates are still being negotiated.  Email if available.

*******BOISE 10/9

Kids 4 – 14 needed for a shoot for Roaring Springs!!  This shoot will be paid in TRADE for passes to Roaring Springs.  The shoot will take place on November 3rd from 4 – 7pm.  Please email if available and willing to work for TRADE.


*******BOISE 10/1

We need EXTRAS for a queer-centered comedic web series THIS WEEKEND. Please check out the invite and contact us with questions.#animalwarmth.


*******BOISE 10/1

Still needing for background talent for the Feature Film Poorest Man in the World
in Boise
Oct. 3rd @ 4pm for a few hours
Needing talent Age 14-19. Any actual teens younger than 18 need to have a parent with them
Looking for talent that can skateboard or bike in a skate park and/or that just have the hipster look
If interested please submit @

in the “Submit to a Project” tab


*******UTAH 10/1

ThursdaySaturday October 6-8
Male/Female 13-15 year old
Need people who can work all 3 days if possible
Slc area
Party Scene
Ethnic diversity
Parent Name
Put “3day” in the subject title
List what days you are available
Those who are available all 3 days will get priority


*******UTAH 10/1

Need Ethnic Adults w/car 21 and over

Tuesday 4 or Wednesday 5


plus $25 car usage




Car color/Pictures


*******UTAH 10/1

Works Saturday October 8 towards the end of the day




Picture of hands (place hands over plain back drop and take picture, no jewlery please)

Female # 1 /12 year old

Female #2 /30-40 year old



Still need more talent for the BCBS commercial.  Auditions are tomorrow 2-4pm at Hall International 1167 E. Iron Eagle Dr., Eagle 83616

Little boys- 6-8 years old – and quirky girls (hopefully red head) 11-13.

Needing Men 25 – 35


Looking for a full time Photo double. Will work almost everyday on the Disney Channel  Series “Andi Mack”.

This Will be shooting in Northern Utah. Sept-Nov

Pay is $200.00 a day

We would prefer someone over 18 but if your child is under 18 and you are willing to work with schooling etc, We will take someone 15 or above

Height 5’1″  Weight 80lbs.  wears a child size 12 clothing

See photo attached, we prefer someone willing to cut their hair into that style  but we are willing to wig someone if necessary.

If you fit the description Please send me your photo, Your sizes and your contact info to

In the subject line type “Andi Mack Photo Double”

If you know someone who fits this please pass this email on to them

If you do not fit this description please do not send anything we are not looking for any other talent at this time. Agents will be updated when we do.


Jeff Johnson


*******BOISE 8/19


Ladies 13 – 35 5’8″ or taller please check you email for hair show audition info for this Sunday!!!

*******BOISE 8/18


Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Casting dates:                    Monday, August 22 and Tuesday August 23

Times:                                   Monday:    9:00 am – 1:00 pm     2:00-5:00

Tuesday:  10:00 am – 1:00pm      2:00- 7:00

Location:                              Hall International Academy

1167 E. Iron Eagle Dr., Eagle 83616

Shoot dates:                      August 30 and 31

MUST BRING:                    Headshot and Resume

                                OR: Recent picture attached to a full sheet of paper with legible contact info


Rate:                                     $500/day for full buy out


Mom, Dad and 9-12 year old child

Female High school basketball player

Female runner – 32-50

Boys age 5/6 & girls age 8

Mom, Dad and high school aged child

You do not need to set up a casting time, but please come only during listed casting dates and times.

*******BOISE 8/11

Casting 8.11

*******BOISE 8/11


Auditions Held 8/18, 19 – by appointment only

Imperium Cinema is casting for Atone (working title), a short film.
Shooting three nights in the Boise area, mid-September.
Looking for eight men and two women. Stipend paid for lead roles.
Directed by:  Jake FulliloveProduced by:  Lorena Davis



A short film that follows a pair of young delinquents poised to commit their first armed robbery. Trailing them are two fallen angels tasked with making sure the boys follow through the act, damning them to eternal punishment. One devil, however, has doubts about the mission.


Character bios:


Crane worked in the pits of Hell for millennia until being promoted to damning humans on Earth 1500 years ago. He maintains a youthful ambition spurred by the fear of being demoted to his previous position. Crane doesn’t focus on the sadistic nature of his job, but gets pleasure in Hell’s recognition of a job well done. His sharp intelligence and work ethic can cripple his intuition.



Zagan has been damning humans for over 7000 years, and has seen countless acts of self-sacrifice and unconditional love. He wonders if he made a mistake tying his fate to fallen angels, but is barred by an institution that treats questions with capital punishment. He continues to damn humans as the angel long laid dormant inside him begins to stir. He has a gentle demeanor and high emotional intelligence.


[RICK] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 19-24]

A high school graduate without the money to further his education, Rick is angry at a world that keeps him trapped on the bottom. As a second generation welfare child with an absent mother and a father who’s always worked the graveyard shift, he’s ready to take matters into his own hands by any means necessary.


Bobby is a follower who’s never had good authority figures in his life, or made many of his own decisions. His simple, unquestioning devotion to Rick’s leadership in inspired by his friend’s self-endowed sense of power and responsibility. Bobby’s sheltered life has left him less socially developed than Rick.



A cheerful person despite the dismal circumstances of his employment.



A tough, determined woman committed to her profession.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO AUDITION:  Please send a headshot (or photo) and demo (link) and/or resume to

*******UTAH 8/8

The Publishing Services Department is producing a new training video for Young Women Presidencies. The piece would show comical takes on good and bad ways to conduct lessons. We are seeking Young Women and women to portray Young Women Leaders. Acting experience is strongly preferred, but not required. Please review the general information below and share this with anybody who would enjoy the opportunity.


CASTING CARINA (Lead): 16; Laurel Class President; Strong acting ability; Actively LDS; Any ethnicity

SISTER GUTIERREZ (Lead): 35-55; Young Women Leader; Strong acting ability; Actively LDS; Latin

SARA (Featured): 14; Shy and reserved; Newcomer; Actively LDS; Any Ethnicity

LAUREL CLASS COUNSELOR 2 (Featured): 16; Acting experience preferred; Actively LDS; Any ethnicity

YW LEADER 1 (Featured): 25+; Actively LDS; Any Ethnicity

YW LEADER 2 (Featured): 25+; Actively LDS; Any Ethnicity

YW 1 (Non-Speaking): 15; Athletic; Actively LDS; Any Ethnicity

LUCY (Non-Speaking): 15; Plays the piano; Actively LDS; Any Ethnicity

Additional Young Women (Non-Speaking): 12-17; Actively LDS; Any ethnicity

WHEN Auditions by Video: Submit by 10:00AM on Tuesday, August 9th

Call Backs (if selected): Thursday, August 11th

Shoot: Wednesday, August 17th; Those cast must commit to a full, 12-hour, day

SHOOT LOCATION A church house in Salt Lake; You must be willing to work in Utah as a local
COMPENSATION Leading Roles: $300+10% agency if applicable

Featured Roles: $150+10% agency if applicable

Non-Speaking: $100+10% agency if applicable


Applicants must be temple worthy members of the LDS Church and eligible to work in the United States.



  1. Make a video of yourself performing the attached sides. Though the sides are specific to Carina and Sister Gutierrez’s roles, ALL roles will be cast from these sides – even non-speaking roles. Please remember to include your full name (and agency, if applicable) in your introduction.
  2. Notes for the audition – Please perform both Side One and Side Two so we can see the difference between the disorganized version and the put-together version. Make sure the camera is close enough for us to see your acting ability. Please take your time, be creative, and have fun!
  3. Upload your video to a video sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo.  Set the privacy to “Unlisted.”
  4. Click Here to fill out the form.  You will be asked to upload a current photo of yourself and there will be a field to enter the video link.  (Form URL:

Auditions must be received by 10:00AM Tuesday, August 9th.


*******UTAH 8/5

I am looking to cast twin girls 7-10 yrs old blonde hair and blue eyes, who can act. Must be able to work as a local hire in Utah. They would be playing the younger version of Kirsten Dunst. Pay is Sag Lowbudget $633 a day.

If you fit this description email me your photos and an acting resume to in the subject line put “Blonde Twins.” and then the names of the twins  We will take a look at your photos and set you up with an audition if you are right for the part.

Please include your contact info for your agent in the email.


*******IDAHO 8/4

Extras needed for a huge outdoor shoot in Nampa on Sept 10th (Saturday)  This is a paid shoot.  Must be available all day, but you may not be used for the entire day.  We will need at least 100 extras of ALL AGES.  Please refer friends and family members for this project.


To be considered, email that you are available.  You must list your last name & NAMPA in the subject line.  If you are referring friends, they need to also list all contact info  as well as a selfie.  IF THEY ARE CURRENTLY WITH ANY OTHER AGENCY WE CANNOT BOOK THEM!


*******UTAH 8/3

We are producing a new photo for the Liahona Magazine to introduce the 2017 Youth Theme, and are seeking a Non-Caucasian Young Man and Young Woman. Please review the general information below and share this with any of your talent who may be interested. I apologize for the quick turnaround required!


NEEDED Non-Caucasian Young Man: Between the ages 14-18; Actively LDS

Non-Caucasian Young Woman: Between the ages 14-18; Actively LDS with fun, curly hair; Modeling or Acting experience preferred

LOCATION A Studio in Salt Lake
COMPENSATION Young Man: $100+10% agency fee

Young Woman: $150+10% agency fee

COMMITMENT Shooting will take place Friday afternoon, August 5th, for 1-2 hours.



Those interested should complete this online application FORM. You will be asked to upload a current picture.



Applicants must be temple worthy members of the LDS Church and eligible to work in the United States.


Application Deadline: Noon tomorrow (Thursday, August 4th).

*******IDAHO 8/3

I am with Boise State University athletics and we are looking to expand our National Anthem database for performers at our various athletic events. We were looking to see if any of your clients, singers or instrumental performers, would like to come out to any of our events (excluding football) to perform? Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to pay performers, but we can guarantee free admission into our sporting events.  Email if interested!

*******IDAHO 7/27

Needing ladies 18 – 35 for a paid photo shoot for an online clothing company.  Shoots will be done every 2 weeks!

*******UTAH 7/27

We are producing a few short videos for a Temple Department project for which we have several casting needs.  Please read the details below and if your fit what we’re looking for, please have them apply. Please feel free to share this request to anyone you know that may fit what we’re looking for.



Men and Women: all ethnicities; ages 20s-60s.

Edgy Youth: male and female; all ethnicities; ages 18-21 (or look it); edgy looking (colored and/or spikey hair, tattoo, multiple piercings, etc).

Applicants must have a current temple recommend.



Video Audition Due By: Friday, July 29th at 9:00 pm.

Callbacks (if selected): Tuesday, August 2nd in the afternoon

Shoot: August 15, 16, and 17.  Those cast will only be needed one day. (Dates subject to change.)



Main Roles: $250/day + 10% agency fee, if applicable.  One shoot day is expected.

Extras: $100/day = 10% agency fee, if applicable.  One shoot day is expected.



  1. Record a 1-2 minute video introducing yourself with your full name and tell us your favorite childhood memory.
  2. Upload the video to a file sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo.  (Set the privacy to “Unlisted.”)
  3. Click Here to fill out the online form and share the link to your video. (Form URL: )
  4. You will also be asked to upload a couple of current photos of yourself, so please have those ready.  PLEASE NAME EACH FILE with the individual’s FULL NAME!(example: JaneSmith-1.jpg)


Applications must be received by 9:00 pm Friday, July 29th


All applicants must have a current temple recommend and be eligible to work in the United States.


Thank you for your continued support of LDS Church Media!


*******UTAH & IDAHO

Hi Agents,

You may have received the USANA Casting Breakdown via Casting Networks but here is the breakdown link:


This project is being shot in Utah however, we are reaching out to neighboring States to find the right Talent for this project.  The production company will cover travel expenses for selected Talent coming in from out of State.


Video Audition submissions must be in by Tuesday, July 26, 2016.



Facebook All Auditions


*******BOISE 7/21


Three Male:

LEAD: Old man 65-90 years old.

LEAD: Younger self, 20-30 years old.

SUPPORTING: Young – Middle aged man 35-60 years old

Three female.

LEAD: Old Woman, 65-90 years old.

LEAD: Younger self, 20- 40 years old.

SUPPORTING: Middle- Older age 50-80 years old.

ALL parts are speaking roles.
More roles may be added as needed, please respond if interested.

Film Genre: Fantasy Drama.
Approx Run Length: 15-20min.

Must message me at email address for script and audition information. Seeking only dedicated professional persons.

*******UTAH 7/15

BYU July

*******BOISE 7/11

Casting a short film, non-union, meals provided. Looking for 1 man and 2 women between the ages of 20 and 40, and one man 60+. If you’re interested please send headshot and resume to Please type “casting” in the subject.
Auditions will be held in Boise on Saturday, July 30th in the afternoon.

*******UTAH 7/8

Looking to cast stand- ins for the movie Damsel.

Pay is $150 per day,

Shooting starts Monday July 11, 2016, and goes Aug 24, 2016 (Saturday and Sunday or days off) You would need to be available for most of the days  shooting will be all over utah mostly in the Park City area

(You will need to be comfortable with horses Most of the scenes are on a horse)

You will be needed all day  plan on 12 hrs a day.

Stand in #1 – Male Caucasian 5’11 very short hair  – needs to be able to ride a horse

Stand in #2-Male Caucasian  6’1 medium length hair, Needs to be able to ride a horse

Stand in # 3 Female 5’4 Cuacasian Short blond Hair- Needs to be able to ride a horse

If you fit one of these and would like to apply for the Job, Send a photo, selfie is ok , Your Height  and your phone number If you fit the part we will call you to discuss.

This starts on Monday so send them in as soon as possible

*******UTAH 6/24

NOW CASTING MEN AND WOMEN EXTRAS for an Undisclosed Tech Company.

This is a SAG Web/Industrial Commercial.

PROJECT: “Undisclosed” Tech Company
SAG Web/Industrial Commercial
SAG Extra Scale | $135.50 + $19 1st wardrobe change (*this rate can be more)
Sunday, June 26th – Please have the day completely open
Downtown Salt Lake City, UT (location map will be emailed to those who are booked)


MEN & WOMEN – 20-50’s, Business Casual Office Types, All Ethnicity.

Email for more details


*******IDAHO 6/24

Now submitting talent for a local paid shoot. Looking for African American mothers w/baby, Hispanic males 25 – 40, Asian or Indian males. email for more info. Please attach recent photo.


*******IDAHO 6/24

Hey! We are looking for a few people to submit for casting. We need:
Women late 20s-early 30s
Men late 20s-early 30s
Toddlers (between 2 & 4years old)
Feel free to share, we are looking for a few people for each spot (especially toddlers). This is paid and people can PM me here or email me at with photos for submission. We will be shooting next week, exact time TBD.



*******IDAHO 6/24



“When Did You Last See Your Trousers”

A British farce by Ray Galton and John Antrobus. Based on a story by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. Directed by Karl Gautschi.

Auditions: June 25 &26 @2pm.

For audition questions, contact Karl Gautschi at

Women needed are 18-45 years of age and the men are 18-70 years of age.

Run dates: 8/26, 8/27, 9/1, 9/2, 9/3, 9/4, 9/8, 9/9 and 9/10

A burglar climbs through the window and steals various items, including Howard’s suit. Before you can say “jockey shorts” Howard is being chased around the flat by his Danish au pair, the Home Secretary and a randy constable. Add to this a punk with rainbow colored hair, a gravelly voice Captain and a singing telegram Gorilla and you have the ingredients for a night of outrageous British fun!

“Brilliantly constructed farce…achingly funny.” – London Guardian

Contains adult themes and language.


Hi Utah Actors

I am casting an Industrial and I need to find some Identical  twins male or female any Ethnicity late 20’s to early 40’s.

Shoot dates are  on Sunday June 26, 2016, In and around Salt Lake City, Utah

Also they want you to be available 7/11-7/15 to be in Vegas for a live event(they will work out travel to Vegas) (All of these are paid dates) pay starts at $519 a day

As soon as you get this and you know you can make yourselves available for the shoot dates and the live event in Vegas  please send me your photos and contact info. to Please put in the subject line “Twins”

Please pass this on to anyone in Utah that you believe fits this role.


Jeff Johnson


*******BOISE 6/20

North By Northwest Productions is auditioning young people ages 8-18 for seven different roles in two TV commercials.  No previous experience necessary!  We are asking for self-recorded videos to be sent no later than noon Thursday, June 23rd.  Please look carefully at the attached scripts to determine which scene(s) apply to you and your age range.  You can audition for one or two parts ONLY.


The Truth208 ad campaign (see detailed program description below) explores lies young people tell. Some are more general and the rest are specifically about prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse. The TV spots will show teens/tweens looking directly to the camera. The situations are similar to talking to a trusted friend or family member and this is part of a larger conversation. It’s a serious subject matter so your attitude should be serious, but realistic. Please feel free to give a couple of different takes on your audition.

How do I submit my audition?


Submit video auditions directly to <>. Links to YouTube videos work best or video files are ok. Include your name, age and contact information either on the email, video or in the file name. Mainly we want to see your face and hear your voice. So shoot the video in a well-lit area and put your camera close so we can hear you.

When does it film?

These commercials will be shot on either June 30th or July 1st, depending on your specific scene. Speaking roles will be paid $250. Please be sure you are available those days. We will ONLY contact those who are chosen.

What is Truth208?

The TV commercials are for Truth208 – an Idaho large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing non-medical use of prescription and over-the-counter medications through public service messaging, education, and community outreach. The goal of Truth208 is to encourage open, honest dialog about the risks and effects of prescription drug abuse. By reaching teens before they ever take non-prescribed medicine, we can significantly reduce the destructive effects on our state.


*******UTAH 6/16


Utah Valley University: UVU Univision Commercial


AUDITION DATE: Tuesday, June 14th and 15th

-Latino Father 40s
-Latino Mother 40s

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Call or email for appointment to (English) Alexa Jensen- 801-863-6100 or (Spanish) Yudi Lewis – 801-863-7350, in the email please specify what part you are interested in trying out for and what time you would be available for an audition.  Let your agent know if you are accepted.  Thanks!


*******UTAH 6/16

PROJECT: “The Journey” Animated Mormon Message
VENUE: Online media
CASTING: LDS Caucasian Male (age 8-12) and LDS Caucasian Female (age 30-50) to act as visual reference in an upcoming animated Mormon Message about 10 year old President Uchtdorf and his mother. Applicants must be available for a one-day animated reference shoot the week of June 20-24 and should be able to easily walk, run, carry a picnic basket, and perform other small actions. We seek temple worthy members of the LDS Church who are eligible to work in the United States.
RATE: $250+10% agency


To audition please view the information on our blog.



Wed. 15, 2016

Kids 8-12 yr old boys and girls

Birthday Party

$101.50 day

3 adults with 80-90’s car (each person has to have a car)

$101.50 plus $25 for car

Hispanic adult male and female (30’s-40’s)

$101.50 day





Pictures of car (for those submitting) and year


The Stray

Hispanic Neighbors male and female 30-40’s

Hispanic Mom 40’s

Wed. 15, 2016

$101.50 day




*******IDAHO 6/14


Project Title: Vision

Logline:  Noah a demented serial killer tracks down his latest victim Gwen. But what if Noah kidnaped the wrong woman.

Production Type: Short Film

Production Company Name: Brownspace Films / Ravenous Schnitzel / Gamer’s Studios

Film Dates:  July 2016

 Film Duration: 4 day

 Location: Boise, Idaho

 What is needed:

My Name is Julien McGregor I am the Producer of the Project Vision. Executive Producers and Casting Director Jeremy Brown and Stacy Brown are looking for supporting actors to be in this amazing film. Also this film is already approved for next year Crypticon film festival.

Marilyn – The first victim of our serial killer. Strong willed and defiant. Marilyn will require a vast amount of emotional strain and terror to pull off correctly. Marilyn also heads up our first part of the film. We’re looking for a younger actress between 18-28 in good physical condition, and beautiful

Ken – Handsome and strong. We’re looking for a male in his early to late 30 to play this role. We may consider younger depending on skill-set. We will also consider older with a solid skillset.

Amy – Amy shares a lot of screen time and must be quite powerful in both physical acting and emotional delivery. Amy needs to be anywhere from her mid 20’s to mid 30’s also must be in good physical condition and must be able to blow us away with her performance.

Audition: 16th June 2016 at 6:30pm at the safari inn-downtown 1070 W Grove St, Boise, ID 83702  Sides are available via email.  Let me know if you are interested

 Pay: possible deferred



*******UTAH 6/13

The Welfare Department is looking to expand a Self-Reliance 12 week course for use in the United States.  This program has been highly successful in many other countries.  We are casting people to enact testimonials of those who participated in the course in other countries.  Initially, we will be casting 13 people for a prototype only.  If the project is approved, we will be casting many more and we intend to draw from this initial pool of applicants to cast the rest of the testimonials.


Scripted Testimonials: male and female; ages 18-65; all ethnicities and backgrounds.  If the prototype is approved, we will have many of these roles to fill and need a large variety of applicants.

For this prototype, we will be casting the following roles, but if you don’t fit any of these, just pick one of the scripts that resonates with you and audition with that.  We will consider you for the larger project when it is approved.

Jackson: male; 24; any ethnicity; a college junior confused about the direction of his life

Russ: male; 32; any ethnicity; works for a government non-profit, but does not find fulfillment in his current job

Tony: male; 40; Peruvian-American; father of 3; works at FedEx

Tyler: male; mid-20s; any ethnicity; married with one daughter; lacks direction in his life

Stephanie: female; 40s; any ethnicity; single mother

Isabella: female; mid-30s; Hispanic

Arvin: male; mid 20s; Filipino

Reuben: male; 40s; Hispanic

Sharla: female; mid-30s; any ethnicity

Alex & Sylvia: Hispanic couple; late 30s; “blue collar;” you do not need to apply as a couple, but you can.

Laurie: female; early 50s; any ethnicity

Alethea: female; late 30s; African American; energetic; medium to heavy build


Applicants must be temple-worthy members of the LDS Church and eligible to work in the United States.



Auditions: We will be accepting online submitted video auditions until 8:00am on Thursday, June 16th.

Callbacks: TBD late June.

Shoot: TBD in late June or early July.  Those selected will only be needed one day.



TBD various locations along the Wasatch Front.



$300 + 10% agency fee, if applicable.



Method #1 (preferred)

  1. Select a side from among those attached and prepare a genuine interpretation of the testimonial. Although memorization is not necessary for the audition, please be very familiar with the text in order to give the most natural performance.
  2. Video yourself performing the prepared side.
  3. Begin the video with your full name and agency, if applicable.
  4. Upload your video to a file sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo
  5. Name your video with your full name.
  6. Set the privacy to “Unlisted.”  If it is “Private,” we won’t be able to view it.
  7. Click Here to fill out the online form (Form URL: )
  8. You will be asked to upload current photos of yourself, so have those ready.
  9. There will be a field for you to share your video link.

Method #2 (only use this method if you are unable to record your own video audition)

  1. Select a side from among those attached and prepare a genuine interpretation of the testimonial. Although memorization is not necessary for the audition, please be very familiar with the text in order to give the most natural performance.
  2. Click Here to sign up for an audition time slot at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo (300 West 2230 North).  Available time slots are VERY LIMITED, so if at all possible, please use method #1. (Sign Up URL: )


Thank you for your support of LDS Church Media!


*******UTAH 6/13

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please apply no later than 8:00 am, Wednesday, June 15, 2016.


PROJECT: Distracted Driving (for the Risk Management Division)

SHOOT DATES: June 23-24, 2016

LOCATION: LDS Motion Picture Studio, Provo, Utah

RATE: $200/day-$350/day (depending on the role), plus 10% agency fee if applicable.

TIME COMMITMENT: This is a 2-day shoot. The first day (6/23) is scheduled as a shorter day; the second day (6/24) is scheduled as a full day.


LDS: Applicants must be active, temple worthy members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as verified by their current ecclesiastical leader.

U.S. Work Status: Applicants must be legally eligible to work in the United States.


We are producing a fun and funny series of PSAs dealing with distracted driving for the Risk Management Division.  We are looking for “comedic effervescence” in this cast.



Ronnie: ($250/day) 20s-30s; male; any ethnicity; (we will cast his buddy Dave ($250/day) from those auditioning for Ronnie.)

Sophie: ($250/day) 18-25; female; any ethnicity; fashionable

Jude: ($350/day) 20s; male; any ethnicity; comfortable with hip hop music and dancing

Blake: ($350/day)30s-50s; male; any ethnicity; businessman; arrogant

Laura: ($200/day) 20s-30s; female; professional; works with Blake

Sophie’s Main Stylist: ($250/day) 30s-50s; female; fashionable—like the hosts of “What Not to Wear.”

Sophie’s Hairdresser: ($250/day) 20s-30s; female; assistant to Main Stylist



  1. Select a side from those attached and prepare the scene.
  2. The scenes have a daydream element in them.  For audition purposes, play the whole scene out in one location as if you are just carried away in the day dream.
  3. Laura can audition with Blake’s lines.
  4. Record your audition.
  5. Using your smart phone is fine.
  6. Make sure we can see and hear you clearly.  Cheat to camera.
  7. Upload your audition to a file sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo.
  8. Set the Privacy as “Unlisted.” If it is “Private,” we will be unable to view it.
  9. If you use Vimeo, make sure we can download your video.
  10. Click Here to fill out the online form.
  11. Upload a current photo of yourself.
  12. Share the link to your video in the appropriate field.
  13. Form URL:


If callbacks are necessary, we plan to have those on Friday, June 17th.

Auditions are due by 8:00 am, Wednesday June 15th.

*******UTAH 6/13

Feature Film, “The Stray”

Looking for boys 8-11 year old

Actual baseball players with own equipment and uniform

Works Tuesday 14, 2016

$101.50 day plus $25 equipment/uniform








*******IDAHO 6/5


Need kids for a pool shoot next Friday the 10th.  Email if interested.  Kids 7-12.  Thanks!


*******UTAH 6/5

Casting for a low budget, non-union,  family movie – It is currently scheduled to begin shooting Aug. 3, 2016 – likely in the Uintah’s, but locations are not set- expected 14 – 16 shooting days. – It is NON-UNION! Leads must be avail for the entire shoot, as they are in all scenes! 
Plot – Three lives, escaping abuse, and the pain of a life not expected.  Their happenstance meeting changes their lives forever.  
The leads will be a run of show buy out – no daily rate. (If you have a high quote, this project likely won’t work for you)
This is low, low, low budget – but the producer – Vanessa Greene is a well respected producer who has made movies in Utah for over 30 years.
Casting Director:  Cate Praggastis
Currently accepting resume and headshot/still photo and demo reel (if available, but not necessary)  for the 3 lead roles:
Walter – LEAD ROLE – 33-35 Male, prefer actual former military. Character breakdown – former Army soldier. Served in Iraq/Afghanistan. PTSD – Played football in high school, solid build. The PTSD has sent him in to the woods, where he lives isolated and alone. He has nightmares, is kind, but does not want to burden his family with his issues.
Morris – LEAD ROLE -10-13 Boy – He is an abused run-away. This actor CANNOT be healthy, well fed or pampered looking. The authenticity of this role comes from the immediate pain you understand when you see this boy.  He is thin and unkempt. He must be young enough that the audience will worry about him as a runaway, but old enough that you know he has some capability. We will not see anyone over the age of 13. We are looking for a middle schooler.  He has a LOT of dialogue and must be able to memorize and carry a leading role.
Stella – LEAD ROLE – OLD DOG (Canine)! – She is an old dog, who ran away from her owner because she knew her life was about to end. This dog must be trained enough to take commands, but does not need to do any tricks.  We are looking for a dog that can still go on walks, but has some grey hair on her muzzle. We are hoping to find an old shepherd, lab or some other larger dog.  Again, she cannot look like she is cared for.
All submissions may be made either through links or uploads to  account.  If selected to move forward, I will send short script sides for video submissions.   We will take submissions until June 10th.
I appreciate your support and passing the word along.  Kindly, Cate


*******UTAH 6/5

Send your talent to the below link to submit for roles we are currently casting in Salt Lake City, Park City, and Midway.
June 4th-22nd



Casting Notice

Wells Fargo Commercial
SAG Commercial
Casting Director: Jeff Johnson
Shooting in Casper Wyoming.
If you know anyone who would like to do audition for something like this who lives in or around Casper Wyoming Please forward this to them.
Pay: between $200-$600 a day. Depending on what you are hired for. If you get picked for a principal part you could make more than this.
Shoot Dates: You must be available Monday June 6, and Tuesday June 7. ( will be night shoots, Adults plan on Working  all night, Kids will work until 12:30 AM)
We are casting Principals and Extras all types and ethnicities and are looking for specifically. lots of families etc. (we do not  need children under the age of 5 at this time)
We are specifically trying to find
African American Boy or Girl  6-9 yrs old
Asian Boy or Girl 6-9 yrs old
Caucasian  Boy or Girl 6-9 yrs old
Disabled boy or girl , 6-9 yrs old,
25-35 yr old woman or man any ethnicity,
Barber-Male 30-55 yrs old (Does not have to be a real barber)
Background- Male or female 10-80 yrs old any ethnicity
If you would like to audition/apply  to be in this commercial  please come to:
Parkway Plaza Casper


*******IDAHO 5/31

I am looking for 2 or 3 volunteer models  to complete my group of girls for this Saturday June 4th show.

I am looking specifically for 2 blonde girls (if not 2 maybe one it would be fine) size 2 or 4. Height over 5.6

They will need time to go to 2 different boutiques for fittings one in Eagle and the other one in Boise.  Tomorrow Wednesday or Thursdayfrom 11 am to 5 30 pm

Then for a quick rehearsal on Thursday night.

The day of the show they will need to arrive at 10:30 am for hair and make up and they will walk twice. First time at 12:00 and the second time at 2:30pm.  email if available.


*******UTAH 5/31

We need Female Rock Climbers for a Usana industrial spot. Paid. Shoots 2nd week or 3rd week of June.


Any ethnicity


Please submit your picture – selfie or picture that looks like you now.

Brief description of your rock climbing experience.


Phone #

Email address

Send your email to

Submissions deadline is Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 1, by 12PM (noon)


*******IDAHO 5/31

Boise State University, powered by creativity and innovation, stands uniquely positioned in the Northwest as a metropolitan research university of distinction. Interested applicants are encouraged to apply for the position of Morning Edition Host/Reporter at Boise State Public Radio.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to:

• Host local segments of Morning Edition from 5:30-9 a.m. weekdays, as well as mid-day newscasts. Responsibilities include gathering, writing, editing, and delivering newscasts. Must possess clear, pleasant, grammatically correct conversational delivery skills and be able to correctly stack newscasts based on news of the day. Sound news judgment is essential.
• Serve as the highest profile member of the BSPR news team, leading work on the most-listened-to show of the week for a discerning audience that craves and strongly supports good, local journalism.
• Using standard journalism skills which emphasize knowledge of one’s subject matter and research on the topic, report and produce news features; conduct interesting and thoughtful newsmaker interviews; provide daily news stories for local newscasts outside of Morning Edition, and participate in station’s digital strategies.
• Participate in Boise State Public Radio’s on-air fundraising efforts.
• Serve on behalf of Boise State Public Radio as a spokesperson and/or representative at assigned station events or other community related forums. Be comfortable and capable as a public speaker.
• Work closely with newsmakers at high levels, including political, business, and cultural leaders. Develop cordial and professional relationships that assist in newsgathering.

Intermediate Level at a minimum you should have:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience
• 2 years similar work experience

The Intermediate level salary is $40,100 — $46,100 per year.

Senior Level at a minimum you should have:

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience
• 5 years similar work experience

The Senior level salary is $48,700 – $55,900 per year.

Preferentially, you will have:

Demonstrated experience as an on-air broadcast journalism host or anchor, including: reporting and hosting news programs; general knowledge of production broadcast equipment including; digital recording equipment, consoles (Axia), field equipment (Marantz), and digital editing software. Demonstrated skills in interpersonal communications and the ability to write at a high level, produce, edit, and deliver spot and feature reports.

Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing; effectively interact with people in a positive manner. Must have on-air presence consistent with Boise State Public Radio’s sound, be organized, with strong writing, editing and production skills. Must also possess the ability to clearly and thoroughly articulate story ideas in daily news meetings. Must be able to generate news stories independently. Experience in public radio preferred but not required.

Salary and benefits: Starting salary is DOE, plus an excellent benefits package is available for eligible employees, for more information visit: .

If you are interested in this position: Please submit a cover letter indicating your interest and qualifications for this position. Attach a resume that includes employment history (including dates of employment) and three professional references with contact information. Required documents should be emailed to Krista Doble at Emails should include search # AA-0011-16 in subject line.

*******UTAH 5/26

Movie Production Seeking Background Actors *PAID*
Park City, UT (84060)

The production company that has filmed several holiday films here in Utah is starting filming on another project. Please email Name, contact info, height, 1 head shot and 1 full body photo (selfies are great) to the email listed bellow.

Filming will be from June 4th-22nd in Park City and a few days in the Salt Lake area.

Looking for Men and Women of all ages and ethnicity
A few children boys and girls ages 6-9
Several teenagers
Several 20ish young women very stylish
A few Ethnic men

All men must be willing to be clean shaven and clean cut.

This is a paid job. $80 up to 8 hours, $100 for 10 hours


*******UTAH 5/25

Paid Casting Notice.

Ozone Productions is producing a music video. This is a novelty song about a Texas Ranger who, over guacamole, falls in love with an undocumented Mexican immigrant.

To be cast are one female lead who must be able to pass as a Latina and one male lead who must be able to pass as a Texas Ranger.

Also to be cast are 2 to 3 female and 2 to 3 male chorus members. No particular ethnicity is required and we want to cast a diverse mix of ethnicities if available.

Age range for all are 19-45. Pay is negotiable but will likely be a set fee for the entire project that should equate to between $15-$25 an hour but never less than minimum/overtime requirements under federal law. The cast will be contracted as independent contractors and need to be independently established and capable of skillfully interpreting the materials provided.

Please submit a resume and a video tape, 30 seconds to one minute clip of you singing. If you just have audio, please also submit a current headshot. Vocal qualities sought for male singers are a mix between rock/pop/country. Vocal qualities sought for female singers are pop/folk. We can’t cast those with a heavy vibrato.

Please indicate if you have any dance training, and if so your level.

Submit your information by June 1, 2016 to If anyone would like a in person audition, please so indicate and provide several options when you are available on weekends or weeknights.

*******UTAH 5/24

Sundance Institute Director Labs are about to begin.


This is a great opportunity and incredible experience to volunteer for the Sundance Institute Director Labs as an actor. The labs begin at the end of May and continue through the end of June. Most roles would only require a 1 or 2-day commitment.


We are in need of the following:

1st generation Africans – All ages.

1st generation East Indians – All ages.

1st generation Pakistanis – All ages.


Please submit the following to



Phone number

Email address

Current photos (headshot and body)


Submissions are due ASAP

If you know of anyone that might be interested. Please pass along the submission details. Thank you.


*******UTAH 5/24


       We are looking for a few featured extras to work on Friday.The pay is 150.00 for the day.Please send

picture,name phone number and sizes to You must be between 25 and 40 years old.

Please submit by today at 7pm.First come first serve.


*******NATIONAL 5/24

Food Network casting opportunities!!

*******IDAHO 5/24

Female models 21-35 needed for a paid shoot in Boise June 2nd 3:30 – 5:30 pm. email for more details!


*******IDAHO 5/24


Thursday, May 26, Noon to 6pm

Boys & Girls ages 8 – 11
Parents ages 30s – 40s
Real families with one boy and one girl
All ethnicities; seeking people that represent true Idahoans.

At the casting, you will be asked to introduce yourself, use an iPad (provided),
read a book and pretend to be hiking – and to just be yourself.

Shoot dates for the commercial are June 9 and 10
in the Blaine County & surrounding areas.

Commercial is for the Albertson Foundation and will inspire learning.
Talent fees will be paid to those chosen for the commercial.

email for more info!


*******IDAHO 5/21

Silver Sky Pictures has previously produced five short films. Our films have featured in festivals including Best of the Northwest, Portland International Film Festival, Eugene International Film Festival and Open Lens Film Festival, and have received awards including Best Short Film and Best Screenplay (Short Film). Each of our shorts has received a theatrical release and each of the films we work on over this summer will receive a theatrical release and be shopped to festivals.

We’ve acquired scripts for three additional shorts that we’ll be producing over the summer in the Idaho Falls/Rexburg area. We already have partial crews in place for each film, but are looking to fill out the ranks. I’ll be directing one of the shorts, but we’d like to work with directors we previously haven’t worked with (potentially even first time directors) on the other two and have other positions open as well (see below):

My short will likely film June 13-14 and 20-21. The other two will film through June and July, with the final dates at the discretion of the directors. Directors and producers will also play a large role in assembling the casts and final crews for their films.

In addition to directors we are also looking to fill the following positions in one or more films. Please e-mail resumes by May 23rd to
You should hear back from us before the end of the month.

* Producer
* Director of Photographer
* Assistant Camera
* Gaffer / Chief Lighting Technician
* 1st Assistant Director
* Production Manager
* Editor
* Composer (previous film experience a major plus)
* Script Supervisor
* Hair and Makeup Supervisor
* Production Assistants

*******UTAH 5/21

Music Video for the Band Chelsea Grin

May 25th shoot day. (Must be available all day)

Pay is 200$ flat. Non-Union but we need experienced actors

One guy, one girl. Mid to late 20’s

Guy-The guy’s hair should be longer or more shaggy with some sort of facial Hair (preferably a beard)

Girl-  The girl should be brunette or have black hair.

Send your Headshot and Resume (If your headshot doesnt look like you do now then send a selfie) to

We need these as soon as possible

*******IDAHO 5/20

I am in need of extras (about 20-30) this Sunday. You need to be available from 9am- til we’re done preferably (9pm at latest) But I will work with you if you have less time just talk to me. There is no monetary compensation for this. What I can offer is IMDB credit, a copy of the finished project and a really good time smile emoticonAlso stuff for a reel if you need it. If you are interested please text Matt 208-571-4170 Thanks!!

*******UTAH 5/20

**Paid**Let us know if you are booked so we can invoice to get you paid!

Filming May 28th-29th, SLC (downtown). It will ONLY be one of those days. Pay is $75 for a half day (6 hours).

In need of triplets. 6-11 years old, male or female. All have to be similar in age and ethnicity.

Please send headshots and resume to

*******UTAH 5/19

Let us know if you are booked so we can invoice to get you paid!

Commercial Shoot in Sat. 28
Name, number, pictures
Saturday May 28th, 2016
Pay is $101.50
First half of the day. Orem area
We are shooting a basketball scene and we need to fill some bleachers, the players bench, and a few players on the court. We want them to be a pretty mixed group as far as age and ethnicities go.
50 – people in the crowd. High school student aged kids, along with parents, grandparents and other family within the crowd. 10 years old and older
Pay is $150.00 (basketball players only)
10 – GIRLS on the basketball team. REAL PLAYERS They need to look like they belong in high school. Age range 16–19
Second half of the day. Sugarhouse Area
Pay is $150.00
We are shooting a boxing class going through their routine.
5 – Boxing classmates. People who are in shape and in the age range of 25-45. Men and Women.
1 – Boxing Instructor/trainer. Age range 25-45


*******UTAH & IDAHO 5/17

The GAP is looking for the world’s cutest kids for their latest marketing contest. Does your child have what it takes? Submissions from parents and guardians are currently being accepted and the process is even easier. To apply for consideration for this amazing contest you can head here and upload a photo and/or video to the official website for voting qualification.


Brick oven


*******UTAH 5/16

Seeking two African-American actors for a short Reading Horizons promotional video.

Male, age 25-45: A trendy middle school/high school teacher
Female, age 25-45: Married to the teacher.

To be filmed in Kaysville, should take less than two hours, and can be done at a time convenient to the talent.

If interested, email a head-shot to with your name and “RH Community” in the subject line.

*******UTAH 5/16

Casting call for educational video

These are the roles we are scouting:
-Female with baby or toddler, Ages 25-40
-Toddler still learning to walk
-5-7 year old
-College/high school student
-25-30 year old (Computer Programmer/professional)
-65-80 year old (grandparent)

-No lines, just b-roll
-1 day production in Utah and Salt Lake County, Thursday, May 19th
Email resumes/reels/headshots to “courtney *at* shadetreefilms *dot* net”


*******UTAH 5/14


Native American Voice Over Talent NEEDED ASAP ****PAID****

Native American VO talent needed for 15-30 minutes of work Friday morning!!! Short script. Pay negotiable. Please contact Erika ASAP!!! 702-994-7141

Office located at City Creek in SLC.

Seeking two African-American actors for a short Reading Horizons promotional video.

Male, age 25-45: A trendy middle school/high school teacher
Female, age 25-45: Married to the teacher.

To be filmed in Kaysville, should take less than two hours, and can be done at a time convenient to the talent.

If interested, email a head-shot to with your name and “RH Community” in the subject line.


******UTAH 4/27

Reminder! Auditions are due MAY 8!
***CASTING CALL*** (volunteer only)
Modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Northanger Abbey”
Must be available during weekends in June and July
3 women ages 21-30
1 woman aged 40-50
3 men ages 21-30
*Especially looking for people of color.*
Please explore the site: (All instructions for submitting are there!)


*******UTAH 4/27


We will be holding an open casting call for extras for the web series Children of the Machine. We will be needing a lot of children.


DATE: May 7th
TIME: 10:30 Am – 6:00pm (come anytime between these hours, it should only take 10 min)

Avrec Art House
320 S. 300 E
Salt Lake City 84111q
AGES: 5-18 Male and Female (we are not taking any children younger then 5 at this time)
Please bring an 8×10 photo with you.
Thank you


*******UTAH 4/27


Deseret Digital Media is working on a video for a company that promotes children’s online safety. Looking for the following roles for a one day shoot in Mid-May:

MOM- female, 28-40 years old
DAUGHTER- female, 4-6 years old
ONLINE PREDATOR- male, 35-45 years old

Email if interested and for more info. Thanks!


*******BOISE 4/26

Good afternoon! I am looking for a fit female model for the following show.
They will be passing out samples of our products. Can you please send me
some options? Please click the link below to learn more about FINAFLEX. Fit Expo
Boise, ID
June 4th @ 8:30am – 4:00pm

email if you are interested.


*******UTAH 4/25



















*******UTAH 4/12

Need Male Stand-Ins

$150.00 day/up to 12 hours

Wind River Tomorrow April 13 and 14

Calltime 6AM (estimate)

Kamas, Utah

Send Name






*******UTAH 4/10

Cricket Wireless spot

Pay is $250.00 for the day. Must be available april 13, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah

Male, African American or Hispanic, 15-18 yrs old, Athletic

Send a phone video selfie  of you introducing yourself and then taking a selfie showing off your muscles, arms or abs etc   to:

Make sure you give us your contact info in the email you send over to us.

I need these videos as soon as possible, so send them as soon as you can


*******IDAHO 4/10

Need women that can pass for 40-50 for a commercial shoot.  Pay is $1000 for a full buyout.  Must be available the 19th and 20th.  Looking for African American or Caucasian with blonde/light brown hair. Email if available.



*******UTAH 3/30

Need men and women who ski or snowboard and have their own equipment

Monday April 4, 2016


Tuesday April 5, 2016

Park City Area

$101.50 Day/up to 12 hours plus $25.00 for car, and $25 for ski/snowboard

Total $150.00


Please send to

In the subject put: SKIERS




Color Car



*******IDAHO 3/26

Boise casting


*******UTAH & IDAHO 3/23

 REMINDER: 2nd Notice

 PROJECT: Character Pylons for the Church History Museum

NEEDED: African American actors to portray Elijah Able and Jane Manning (speaking roles). We are also searching for Jane’s family (non-speaking roles, limited to local talent). More information below.

UTAH and beyond! If you live out-of-Utah state, it’s not a mistake that you are receiving this. These auditions are for Young Adult African-Americans (Jane Manning & Elijah Able) and this project is willing to pay for your travel if you land a speaking role. Please audition as instructed below. We would love to include you in this project! For those inside Utah, we need you as well!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 9:00 AM, Monday, March 28, 2016

The recently renovated Church History Museum has requested new video material. These new “pylons” will tell the stories of our faithful African American brothers and sisters. There are two main speaking roles who are the center of this portion of the exhibition: Jane Elizabeth Manning (age 21) and Elijah Able (age 28-33). Please pass this along to anyone you know who could be a candidate!

The speaking characters will address the audience in a substantial monologue. There may be additional shooting (as requested) for background scenes supporting the narratives. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you submit an audition if you are a seasoned, experienced, or trained actor. Monologues for these pylons require an actor’s tools to bring them to life.

For Jane’s family members (non-speaking), you only need to look the part. Acting is minimal.

  • Jane’s mother (Eliza Mead Manning), in her 40’s
  • Jane’s sister (Angeline Manning), age 13-17
  • Jane’s brother (Peter), age 13-17
  • Jane’s sister (Sarah Stebbins), early 20’s
  • Jane’s brother-in-law (Anthony Stebbins), early 20’s
  • Jane’s brother (Isaac Lewis), early 20’s
  • Jane’s sister-in-law (Lucinda Manning), early 20’s


LDS: All applicants must be temple-worthy members of the LDS Church as determined by your ecclesiastical leader.

RATE: This project is PAID. Rates will be commensurate with the role and will include a 10% agency fee, if applicable.

SHOOT DATES: To Be Determined. The producer’s goal is to shoot around the end of April.

To APPLY to be a member of Jane’s Family (non-speaking)

Please complete this FORM, including 3 still photos taken within the last 2 months: Face-forward headshot; Side-facing profile; and a standing Full-body shot.

IMPORTANT: You must NAME each photo with your FULL NAME (john_smith-1.jpg)

To AUDITION for a CAST ROLE (speaking), we would like to receive submissions via VIDEO UPLINK.

 Side for JANE ELIZABETH MANNING— African-American, age 21:

Of course, your actual age doesn’t matter as long as you appear 21 years.

 Side for ELIJAH ABLE— ¼ African-American, age 28-33:

Of course, your actual age doesn’t matter as long as you appear 28-33 years. Also, as Elijah Able was only one-fourth African-American, we will consider candidates with a lighter skin: This is NOT white. But is more the varying colors of caramel. (Historic photos are attached.)

Please prepare adequately before recording your audition, then follow these instructions:



(1)      This does NOT need to be professional in any way. Simply use your SmartPhone (or similar device).

(2)      We prefer that your performance be recorded from about the chest, upward. (Close enough to see your face clearly.)

(3)      Please make sure your video is clear, in focus, and has plenty of light. (Natural light – diffused daylight — is usually best.)

(4)      Please Slate: Tell us your full name, where you live (city), and your talent agency (if you have one). Also, if you are under age 18, please include your AGE.

(5)      Makeup and Wardrobe: No makeup & a basic hair-style. If your hair is long, please style it away from your face (or pulled back) so it doesn’t block. Casual clothing is fine.

(6)      RELAX… We are looking for very NATURAL performances for FILM.

(7)      ONE TAKE ONLY, please.

(8)      Upload your video audition to an online site like YouTube or Vimeo. IMPORTANT: Set the privacy settings to “UNLISTED,” (NOT“private”) so we will be able to view it without a password.

(9)      Please complete this FORM, including 3 still photos taken within the last 2 months: Face-forward headshot; Side-facing profile; and a standing Full-body shot. The form has an entry space where you may post the URL for your video. IMPORTANT: You must NAME each photo with your FULL NAME (john_smith-1.jpg)


DEADLINE: Please submit your application no later than 9:00 AM, Monday, March 28, 2016.


*******UTAH 3/21*******

We are looking for talent for a Youth Mormon Message about self-reliance.  We are looking for some Young Women with the ability to act in non-speaking roles.  Each of these girls is overcoming a trial, set back or disappointment.  To get a sense of what they can do, we’re asking that they send in a video audition.  We are hoping for a lot of ethnic diversity in our cast.


Cellist: female; 14-18 years old (or looks it); any ethnicity; needs to have her own cello and know how to play, but doesn’t need to be proficient

Hurdler: female; 14-18 years old (or looks it); any ethnicity; needs to be a competitive hurdler or competitive in another track event; she should be experienced, but doesn’t need to be a “track star.”

Three other Young Women (Hair Stylist, Tire Changer, Babysitter): female; 14-18 years old (or looks it); any ethnicity


All applicants must be temple worthy members of the Church, as verified by temple recommend or clearance from bishop or branch president.



 Audition: via video submission due by Thursday, March 24th at noon.

Call Backs:  TBD, if necessary.

Shoot:   Monday and Tuesday, April 11th and 12thSubject to change.



TBD along the Wasatch Front.

It is anticipated that those cast will only be needed for 4-6 hours on one of the days.

Those cast need to be able to work in Utah as a local.



  1. Prepare to perform the following poem.  We are looking for a thoughtful performance with levels, not just a reading.

I asked for prosperity and God gave me work to do.

I asked for wisdom and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for courage and God put me in a spotlight.

I asked for strength and god gave me difficulties to overcome.

I asked for love and God gave me people to serve.

I received nothing I wanted.  I received everything I needed.

My prayer has been answered.

  1. Prepare and record your audition, speaking directly to camera.  Before you begin the poem, state your full name and that you are with Anderson Talent Agency.
  2. If you are auditioning for the Cellist or Hurdler, please upload a separate video of you playing the cello or the track sport.  You can put the URLs to both videos in the same form.
  3. Upload your video to a file sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo, saving the link.  (The privacy setting should be either “Unlisted” or “Public.”  We will not be able to view videos marked “Private.”
  4. Please email and upload a current photo of yourself AND the link to your video audition.
  5. The first photo should be a headshot (chest or shoulders up) in good lighting without sunglasses or hats or other distractions.
  6. The second photo can be you and your cello (if applying for the Cellist), you in your track outfit (if applying for the Hurdler), or you showing off some aspect of your personality (if applying for the other roles.)
  7. ***Be sure to name your photos with your first and last name!

Auditions are due by NOON on Thursday, March 24th.


*******BOISE 3/21

***Paid Opportunity***

We have a commercial coming up in the Boise area. Shoot dates are April 6, 7, 8, 9. We need talent to be available at least two of these dates. We will have a studio teacher on set if they need to miss school. Talent should live in the Boise/Treasure Valley area. Very good talent fee will be paid. No speaking parts, but must be comfortable in front of the camera.
We need:
Ages 15-17 or look that age (can be 20 but look 17)
REAL people – variety – not “models”
Tattoos & Piercings
Tom Boy Girl
People that challenge stereotypes and gender roles
Must submit a 1 minute video stating name, age and a little about themselves. Then show a few emotions: happy, sad, shocked, excited, bored, uptight, worried, disappointed, etc. It can be done on your cell phone.
Must be received by Tuesday March 22 at 3pm!
Please email submissions to:

*******UTSH 3/14

***Paid Opportunity***

I’m looking for the following:
Female lead: age 18-30
Male lead: age 18-35
Female side: age 18-30
Male side: age 18-35

Pay depending on experience and role. Auditioning until March 18th. Filming will take place April 4th-8th.

The project is an upcoming VR videogame already produced and ready for release on Steam by fall. It incorporates live actors and you will be on screen. No motion capture.

The project overview and audition sides can be found here:…/19DoIHeaJfqSQmYQlYdaHqdC1Hv…/edit…


*******UTAH 3/14

Casting Notice:
Walker Stalker Con

Actors are needed for Walker Stalker Con attraction. Company states: “Walker Stalker Con, in partnership with Skybound (creators of the original Walking Dead comic series), are looking for actors for an upcoming show of an immersive interactive theater experience. To be performed in Salt Lake ComicCon. $350 stipend. (March 24, 25, and 26) 12 hours per day.

Improvisation skills a plus
Please submit resume and headshot to  Let us know if you are chosen so we can get you paid!


*******UTAH 3/14/16

PROJECT: “The Fast Offering”

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 9:00 AM, Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear LDS Talent,

The Publishing Services Department of the Church is creating a film about Fast Offering. There are several roles, speaking and non-speaking, for a wide variety of participants. We would appreciate your application, or passing this along to someone you know who may be interested!

PROJECT: The Fast Offering. Based on “The Law of the Fast: A Personal Responsibility to Care for the Poor and Needy,” by Bishop Dean M. Davies



Blake (12)

Ben (12)

Sophia (9)

Gordon (Blake’s dad)

Hannah (Blake’s mom)

Bishop Davies

Relief Society President


Bishopric 1st Counselor


Baby (Infant – 1 yr)

Elderly Woman

Elderly Man

Tired & grumpy Man

Manager #1

Manager #2

Bishopric 2nd Counselor

Job Coach

Storehouse Missionary

Teen Boys at Basketball



Ward Clerk

Executive Secretary

High Priest Group Leader

Elders’ Quorum President

Ward Mission Leader

Young Men’s President

Young Women’s President

Primary President

Sunday School President

As there are so many roles, Auditions have been divided into the following 5 categories:

CAST (w/lines): Girl, age 8-10 years

CAST (w/lines): Boy, age 12-14 years

CAST (w/lines): Adult Man or Woman, age 30-60 years

BACKGROUND: Teen Boy, age 14-17 years (improvised lines, off-screen)

BACKGROUND: Adult (man or woman), age 18-90 years (no lines)

All ETHNICITIES are WELCOME!  We seek a variety of ethnicity. So, if you are considered an ethnic minority in Utah, please audition for a speaking role or submit your photo & application for a background role!

LDS: All applicants must be temple-worthy members of the LDS Church as determined by your ecclesiastical leader.

RATE: This project is PAID. Rates will be commensurate with the role and will include a 10% agency fee, if applicable.

To AUDITION for a CAST ROLE (speaking)

There are 4 Sides from which to choose:

SIDES for Young Male, 12-14— AND

SIDE for Young Female, 8-10—

SIDE for Adult Male or Adult Female—

SIDE for Adult (Male or Female) REPORTER—

Please prepare adequately before recording your audition.

To AUDITION for a CAST ROLE (speaking), we will accept submissions via VIDEO UPLINK.

Please follow these instructions:


(1)      This does NOT need to be professional in any way. Simply get out your SmartPhone (or similar device) and ask a friend to help you record your audition. If you prefer to record alone, please attach your device to a solid surface or tripod.

(2)      We prefer that your performance be recorded from about the chest, upward. (Close enough to see your face clearly.)

(3)      Please make sure you video is clear, in focus, and has plenty of light. (Natural light – diffused daylight — is usually best.)

(4)      Please Slate: Tell us your full name, where you live (city), and your talent agency (if you have one). Also, if you are under age 18, please include your AGE.

(5)      Makeup and Wardrobe: Minimal makeup & Basic hair-style. If your hair is long, please style it away from your face so it doesn’t block. Casual clothing or Sunday attire is fine either way.

(6)      RELAX… We are looking for very NATURAL performances for FILM.

(7)      ONE TAKE ONLY per Side (unless otherwise directed).

(8)      Upload your video audition to an online site like YouTube or Vimeo. IMPORTANT: Set the privacy settings to “UNLISTED,” (NOT “private”) so we will be able to view it without a password.(Only those w/ the URL address will be able to access your video.)

(9)      Please complete this FORM, including 3 still photos taken within the last 2 months: Face-forward headshot; Side-facing profile; and a standing Full-body shot. The form has an entry space where you may post the URL for your video.


IMPORTANT: You must NAME each photo with your FULL NAME (john_smith-1.jpg)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit any photo without NAMING it by YOUR FULL NAME!

IMPORTANT: Every photo you submit must be NAMED with your FULL NAME!

To AUDITION for a BACKGROUND ROLE (non-speaking)


Please complete this FORM, including 3 still photos taken within the last 2 months: Face-forward headshot; Side-facing profile; and a standing Full-body shot.


IMPORTANT: You must NAME each photo with your FULL NAME (john_smith-1.jpg)

IMPORTANT: Do NOT submit any photo without NAMING it by YOUR FULL NAME!

IMPORTANT: Every photo you submit must be NAMED with your FULL NAME!

DEADLINE: Please submit your application no later than 9:00 AM, Friday, March 18, 2016.

If you need the additional weekend to pull your audition together, the form will remain open until Monday,10:00 AM, March 21, 2016. We will accept applications until then. Please be aware, though, the producer will be reviewing candidates Friday afternoon. If your application is submitted after Friday morning, it may still be included; but it will be considered late and chances may not be as strong.



Background for tomorrow March 15

$101.50 day/up to 12 hours

Police Officer average sizes

Pedestrians (nothing particular)


REAL NURSE $150.00

“Assistant” Female late 20’s-early 30’s $150.00







“Wind River”

March 11th, 2016

$150.00 day/up to 12 hours

I am looking for talent to come work this coming Friday to help do some On Camera Blocking for cast

I am looking for the following

1 Female-Dirty Blond 5-7 128lbs

2 Male Native American-6ft 215lbs

3Male Caucasian-6’1 Dark Hair

5Male Caucasian-6’0 Brown 170lbs

6Male Caucasian-5’11 Brown 180lbs

7Male Caucasian–5’8 Brown 180ls

8Male Caucasian-5’10 180lbs Bald

9Male Caucasian-6’4 200lbs Dark Hair

10Male Caucasian-6’1 200lbs Brown Hair

11Male Caucasian-6’2 185lbs Dirty Bloonde

12 Male Caucasian-6’3 220lbs Dark Hair





Stats (height, weight, waist/inseam,shirt,shoe, hat



Extras Casting for Men & Women to be in a Courthouse Scene: Detectives, Lawyers, Assistant DA, Family Members, etc.

**NOTE – Please DO NOT submit if you worked in the courthouse scene on Nov. 11th 2015 or you just worked Wed. March 9th.


Look 25-70’s years, all types. Some roles are featured which will be selected by photos.

Most roles for men will require you to be clean shaven. Neatly trimmed/short facial hair may be okay.

Please no noticeable tattoos and/or extreme piercings/hair colors.

RATE: $101.50 for the day. Please have the day completely open, up to 12.5 hours. Can be a shorter day.

LOCATION: Park City, UT.


Please have the proper types of ID’s if you have not worked on this project

For more details and to submit, please choose the following:

For Talent who HAVE worked on this project, please click the following to submit MEN      WOMEN

For Talent who HAVE NOT worked on this project, please click the following to submit NEW MEN    NEW WOMEN

Thank You



Breakdown for Non-Paying Short

To audition for either role and receive sides and time contact:

Audrey Gamma



Thursday March 10, 2016


Hall International Academy

1167 Iron Eagle Dr

Eagle ID 83616

Film Title:



Psychological Thriller


No Pay, Provides reel footage


 Amy-female: 15-18 – any ethnicity,

is our main character’s girlfriend. On the outside she is a tomboy who loves art, but she is always willing to help her friends with their problems. She is very kind and compassionate, but is also one to speak her mind. She is not a pushover. 2-3 days of shooting

Robbie-male, 15-18 – any ethnicity

Robbie is a delinquent who is always a distraction in class. He is usually goofy, but can

be violent. He is often trouble and he is very close doing something that could                                permanently damage his record.   1 day of shooting



We are looking for male/female to work on HBO Mosaic on Wed. 9, 2016

Director Steven Soderbergh

We will have 20 Featured $150 day/ up to 12 hours plus $25 wardrobe fitting

Park City, Utah

Wealthy Bar Patrons and Wealthy Patrons 30’s-70’s

Regular extras will be $101.50 day/ up to 12 hours






We are also looking for a few more people for Monday, 7

Crime Scene

Park City






*******BOISE Lifestyle shoot!

Kids from 6 – 18 & adults from 50 – 60 for video stock shoots.  Dates are not determined yet – more details to follow!



We are looking for children age 7- 8 years old.

We can not use anyone younger or older.

Monday 7, 2016


They will likely need to miss school that day. We do not know calltime until tomorrow.

The kids can not have worked on this show already.






They will need a passport only or the fillowing They will need 1 from each section, a total of 2

  • Any one form of the following:
    1. Photo school ID
    2. School report card
    3. Immunization record/card
    4. Clinic, doctor, or hospital record
    5. Day-care or nursery school record
  • AND one of the following:
    1. Original social security card
    2. Original or certified copy of birth certificate



LDS Millennials Needed for Paid Photo Shoot

Posted by The LDS Motion Picture Studio Casting Office


The Publishing Services Department of the church is looking for some individuals with cool/stylish and unique looks for an upcoming photo shoot.  These individuals should be between 20 and 30 years old and must have current temple recommends. As the hope is that these photos will appeal to people of all faiths and backgrounds, the producer has asked that these individuals have an atypical or quirky look. Please see the casting breakdown below for more details.


NEEDED:  Men and Women of all ethnicities: Between the ages 20-30; Actively LDS with a unique style and hip faith-filled looks.

ACTION:  Will be photographed in friendly social interactions with other young adults.

LOCATION:  A studio in Salt Lake City

COMPENSATION:  This pays $100 + applicable agency fees

TIME COMMITMENT:  Shooting for a little under 1 hour on Friday, March 11th.


Please complete this online application FORM ASAP. The application will close at8AM on Tuesday, March 8th.


Those chosen to participate will be notified with further information.

PLEASE RESPOND ASAP – Before 8AM on Tuesday, March 8th.

Applicants must be temple worthy members of the LDS Church and eligible to work in the United States.


Thank you for your help in moving this great work forward!


*******IDAHO Paid medical shoot

Men and women late 30’s – early 40’s.  Posing as doctors in a hospital ER setting.  Dates are not confirmed, but the shoot will take place in Meridian next week.



March 7, 2016 Monday


We will need Featured Police, Detectives, On air Reporters (You must not have worked) $150.00

We will also need other people to play other roles $101.50

We work up to a 12 hour day. Submit if you are available and have no other obligations so we do not have to find a replacement.

Email your name, number, picture


*******BOISE We are holding auditions March 12, . This is for Pathos Media.  It is an experimental film project.  Rates are being negotiated, but expect low budget.  Have talent bring something to read, monologue, speech, dialog and bring in 2 pieces showing range ie sad/happy , hero / villain , nerdy/smart. YOU MUST EMAIL ME FOR A TIME!  YOU MUST BE PREPARED WITH A MONOLOGUE OR YOU CANNOT GO!

They are looking for very eccentric people with a good story or experience.  Please be creative with this audition!



 New Film, “6 Degrees”

The character will be in a picture portraying daughter of the lead actor who was killed

Picture will be seen throughout the film

Native American or Hispanic female older to play 16

She is 1/2 Native American and 1/2 Caucasian

Hispanic female can be submitted

Will work asap once the director selects the person

Pay is $150.00







*******IDAHO needing senior citizens for a medical stock shoot.  Let me know if you are interested.  65+ please


*******UTAH PROJECT: Mormon Message—bless4

NEEDED: Voice Overs in English, with a native Japanese accent. (Primary language is Japanese.)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE — 8:00 AM, Friday, March 4, 2016


The Publishing Services Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is creating a documentary about the popular Japanese music ensemble, “bless4.” We need matching voices to provide voice over translation into English. PAID.


If you meet the criteria (listed below) or know of someone who does, please audition or share!


NEEDED: Native Japanese speakers who are also fluent in English. Specifically…

–         One (1) Young Adult Male voice

–         Two (2) Young Adult Female voices

–         One (1) Mature Male voice

–         One (1) Mature Female voice

–         One overly-excited Adult Male Announcer (speaking in Japanese)

Appearance doesn’t matter. This is VOICE only.


RATE: $300 for 3-6 hours of voice work (plus agency fee, if applicable). Negotiable.

All participants must be legally eligible to work in the United States.


LOCATION: Anywhere! We can arrange a remote session with a studio near you.


LDS MEMBERSHIP: Active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are preferred. But it is not requisite for this project.


*******UTAH  The film “Wind River” will need a stand-in for 6weeks

YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE STARTING  March 14, 2016 for 6 weeks

Pay is $150.00 day/up to 12 hours

Height in Feet: 5 Feet 10 Inches

Weight in Pounds: 176lbs

Chest in Inches: 38 Inches

Waist in Inches: 33 Inches

Biceps in Inches: 16 Inches


Hair: Brown






Beauty Industry Group (B.I.G.), based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a rapidly growing company running several beauty brands in the cosmetic and hair extension industry. BIG is seeking several female models ages 18-35 for each of their larger brands in video content and print. Models would be involved in commercial footage, voice overs, and photo shoots.

COMPENSATION: Compensation details will be discussed individually with chosen models after casting call is complete, and before any signing of contracts has concluded.

WHEN: Friday, February 19, 2016. If you are interested, please email with a current headshot. Further details and instructions will be provided after messaging.



PROJECT: Mission Fleet Training Videos

NEEDED: Married Couple (PAID)

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 7:00 AM, Tuesday, February 23, 2016


The Missionary Department of The Church has commissioned a Fleet Vehicle Training Video from our Publishing Services Department. We need a married couple (husband and wife) to be Featured Talent for part of the day. PAID.


If you are interested and available Friday, February 26th, please SIGN-UP as directed below.


NEEDED: Married Couple, ANY age.

SCENE: The couple is buying a former mission car, so there’s a bit of acting involved. There are also a couple of simple lines you will need to perform in the scene.

SHOOT DATE & TIME: Friday, February 26th, beginning at 10:00 AM

TIME COMMITMENT: 4 hours or less


RATE: $250/day each (plus agency fee, if applicable)

LDS: Applicants must be active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who, according to their assigned ecclesiastical authority (bishop or branch president), are living a temple-worthy life. This status will be verified.


To SIGN-UP: Please complete this FORM which will require an upload of 4 still photos taken within the last 2 weeks (less than 2MB each): face-forward headshot (or a headshot as a couple) and a side-facing profile for each of you. A well-lit snapshot from your phone is perfectly acceptable. (Only .jpg or .bmp formats, please.) IMPORTANT: PLEASE NAME EACH FILE with your FULL NAME! (example: JohnSmith-1.jpg)


Signing-up is not a confirmation. We will, however, contact you via e-mail by Wednesday afternoon to let you know if you have been chosen to participate.


DEADLINE: Please sign-up no later than 7:00 AM, Tuesday, February 23, 2016.


Thank you for your consideration! We are excited for this project and look forward to receiving your information!



*******UTAH – Looking for performers to work our heritage season at This Is The Place Heritage Park. This is a paid position.

I need character actors who can play personas:
Hospital worker
Soldier – Civil War and earlier
Train drivers

Please contact me at:



We are casting for  Marriott Vacation Club
Pay is a minimum of $1500. and could be up to $2500
if you get the role you will  need to be available on these dates to work:  February 23,24,25
We are looking for people who can ski or snowboard (You do not have to be an expert)
Male or Female 28-40 yrs old Asian, African American or Hispanic
Kids Male or female 6-14 yrs old Asian, African American or Hispanic
If you fit the above description please email a photo of what you look like and your contact number, So that we may call you and set up an appointment for an audition. (You do not have to be an actor for this job)
Email to:  (This has to happen fast so send your info ASAP)



*******Auditions for The Walking Dead Experience in Dallas, Salt Lake, Denver and Chicago

Location: Dallas, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Denver and Nashville

Type: Theater

Actors are needed for Walker Stalker Con attraction.  ”Walker Stalker Con, in partnership with Skybound (creators of the original Walking Dead comic series), are looking for actors for an upcoming show of an immersive interactive theater experience. To be performed at the Walker Stalker Convention and Heroes and Villains Conventions throughout the country.

Travel and housing is not provided.

PLEASE INDICATE WHICH CITY YOU ARE SUBMITTING FOR- submissions not indicating city will not be reviewed

Improvisation skills a plus

Dallas-March 3-6
Chicago-March 10-13 and May 26-29
Salt Lake-March 23-27
Denver- March 31-April 3
Nashville- April 7-10

Stipend: $350




******* UTAH  HBO “Mosaic” First Day of Shoot

We are looking for people who have their own ski wardrobe and equipment for Monday Feb. 22, 2016

Pay is $101.50 for  a 12hour commitment.

We are negotiating extra for your bringing your equipment (probably an extra $15-$20)

We will be at a ski resort in Park City

We are also looking for mature adults for a fancy dinner gala on Feb 23, 2016

The pays is $101.50 for a 12 hour commitment

The director will select a few people and they will get $150 for a 12 hour commitment

If available for either day please email us at







HBO Mosaic Background needed
$101.50/day, working up to 12 hour day
Park City Area
Featured or Picture Picked $150.00 day/working up to 12 hours

Feb. 22-75 Extras Skier Types (10 never worked on this show extras)
Feb. 23- 149 Extras (Wealthy looking types) (20 never worked on this show extras)
Feb 24-8 Extras w/cars (2 never worked on this show extras)
Feb 26-7 Extras (7 never worked on this show extras)
March 2-58 Extras (18 never worked on this show extras)

1)To be considered for these first 2 weeks, please email the following:
IN the email subject line put the date you want to work on and are available. If you want to be considered for multiple days, YOU MUST EMAIL FOR EACH DAY and in every email your info.
2) Email your name and number
3) for Feb. 23rd state that you have equipment and proper clothing attire for the ski day
4) Attach a photo
You must follow these instructions so that we can put you in the correct file.

We will need all this info by Monday 15 NIGHT 10PM so that we can email pics to the director to select specific people that he needs for each day.

Thank You

PS: Be ready to work with 2 proper id’s
Social Security and current driver’s license or State issued ID are best.
just a current US passport or Green card is also best

Here is the extensive list of ids that you can bring. Remember that you must have either 1 id from List A or it must be
1 id from list B and
1id from list C
This equals to 2 ids. It CAN NOT BE 2 ID:S FROM THE SAME LIST



Audition Location: 2150 S 1300 E Suite #500
*Due to the number of submissions, an extra hour has been added to the audition time*
Audition date: Friday, Feb 12th 4-8pm
No specific time slots, first come, first served.

If you arrive after 5pm, the doors will be locked. Please call 385-232-0272 to enter the building.


JOHN, a happily married man, and a good father, is lucky to be married to a MARISSA a good, Christian woman. When the demands of work make him late for his anniversary dinner because of an unexpected detour. A detour of a lifetime that takes him down a lonely, desolate road, where he stumbles into an attractive, single woman, TESSA stranded along side of the road. He decides to be the Good Samaritan and help her out but when the chemistry between them ignites, it has her feeling more then just a damsel in distress, but gravitated toward a forbidden love.
John hires her as his new assistant to help out around the office. His time, heart, and priorities become distracted from what’s really important. He must choose between Tessa and Marissa especially when his boss sends him on an unexpected business trip away from his home and wife, there he must make the ultimate choice between love and lust and face his inner demons and be the good Christian man that he is.
Character BIOS

[JOHN], [GENDER: MALE] [CAUCASIAN][AGE: 35-40] John is that every day kind of guy you just like from the moment you meet him, from his striking, handsome, clean cut appearance, to his charming, funny upbeat personality. A true Boy Scout, a devoted husband, a devout Christian, and a hard working Exec in a Marketing Firm who has his life all together until he meets Tessa.

[MARISSA], [GENDER: FEMALE] [CAUCASIAN] [AGE: 33-38] Marissa that loveable woman with kind, puppy dog eyes. A good mother and wife and a devout Christian, she has a spirit of adventure and a spark of spontaneity within her, but also a level headed, straight shooter who loves her family. All she wants is her husband back and when the damsel in distress starts to steal his heart then she feels threatened and must retaliate to save her marriage and family. She has to learn to trust him and let go of her own insecurities.

[TESSA], [GENDER: FEMALE] [CAUCASIAN] [AGE: 23-30] Tessa has had her heart broken by the wrong men, until one day she innocently falls for John mistakes him to be single and available, and ends up falling in love with him. Tessa is a classy, brunette and beautiful in every sense of the word, and has a good sense of fashion and who is hard worker and fun, corporate savvy with an elegant sex appeal that ends up turning John’s world upside down.

Rates: $350 John, $300 Tessa, $300 Marissa

Please direct all questions to



We are looking for people who HAVE NOT worked on the HBO show, “Mosaic”. We will need 35 NEW FACES to work. The pay is $150.00 for the day (12 hour). The director will hand pick the these 35 for specific scenes in the film.

We start filming on the 22nd of Feb. Please email us your photo, name, number to by Monday 15th

We will be submitting all the pictures on Tuesday morning.

Please put in the subject line “NEW FACES” so we can put you in the right email folder.

Thank You


Casting for 15 background actors–Looking for 2 body types. Few to no lines. Shooting a COMEDIC ATHLETIC commercial in Provo/Lehi

Type 1 – Athletic Individual (Male or Female).
Type 2 – Average looking Male or Female. Plus for people with interesting or unique looks.

Shoot Date: Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016
Talent will be booked in 2–3 hour windows throughout the day.

Send headshots/photos with Resume, and your available time to:  Let your agent know if you are booked so billing can be submitted.



PROJECT: Mission Fleet Training Videos

NEEDED: On-camera Host—Mature Adult Male

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight, Thursday, February 11, 2016


The Missionary Department of The Church has commissioned three Fleet Vehicle Training Videos from our Publishing Services Department. We are in need of an on-camera host for one day of shooting at the LDS Motion Picture Studio in Provo.

If any of your qualifying talent would be interested, please have them AUDITION as directed below.

NEEDED: Mature Adult Male (somewhere between 40-70 years), clean-shaven. On-camera experience (news or hosting) is extremely helpful, but not necessary.

SHOOT DATE & TIME: Friday, February 26, 2016

TIME COMMITMENT: 1 full shooting day (about 12 hours)

LOCATION: Motion Picture Studio, Provo, UT

RATE: $500/day (plus 10% agency fee, if applicable)

NOTE: Participants must be legally eligible to work in the United States.

UNION: This production is not affiliated with any union.

LDS: Applicants must be active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who, according to their assigned ecclesiastical authority (bishop or branch president), are living a temple-worthy life. This status will be verified.


This is the AUDITION SIDE.

HOST (to camera):

     “Mission Vehicle Coordinators make a big difference in the lives of full-time missionaries.  You help missionaries clearly understand what is expected from them while driving a mission vehicle.  You also give them the tools and knowledge they need to meet those expectations.

    “Some missionaries mistakenly believe they will automatically be protected from harm and danger simply because they are missionaries.  It’s your responsibility to help the missionaries understand the standards of safety, cleanliness, and stewardship when maintaining a mission vehicle that has been placed in their care.”


We will accept general submissions via VIDEO UPLINK. Please follow these instructions:



(1)  This does NOT need to be professional in any way. Just get out your cell phone (or similar device) and attach it to a solid surface or tripod, or find someone else to record you.

(2)  We prefer that your performance be recorded from about the chest, upward. (Close enough to see your face clearly.)

(3) Please make sure you video is clear, in focus, and has plenty of light. (Natural light – daylight, inside or outside — is usually best.)

(4) Please Slate: Tell us your full name, where you live (city), and a little about yourself (under 30 seconds). This could be 30 seconds or less talking about (a) your favorite hobby; (b) your favorite Church calling (and why); (c) anything else interesting about you or your friends or family. Help us get to know you a bit!

(5) Wardrobe: suit & tie, or a white shirt and tie (suit isn’t necessary).

(6) We are looking for very NATURAL and FRIENDLY performances.

(7)  ONE TAKE ONLY, please.

(8)  Upload your video to an online site like YouTube or Vimeo. IMPORTANT: Set the privacy settings to “UNLISTED,” so we will be able to view it without a password. (Only those w/ the URL address will be able to access your video.) If you set it to “Private,” that requires a password and we will not be able to view it.

(9) Please complete this brief FORM, including an upload of 2 still photos (less than 2MB each): face-forward headshot and side-facing profile. (Only .jpg or .bmp formats will be accepted.) PLEASE NAME EACH FILE with your FULL NAME! (example: JohnSmith-1.jpg)

The form also has an entry space where you may post the URL address for your video.


DEADLINE: Please submit your Audition no later than Midnight, Thursday, February 11, 2016.


*******Boise We are auditioning for a new band for teens to young adults (14 to 21) in the Boise area. Seeking HIGHLY qualified vocalists, guitar, keyboard, base, drum, electric guitar for a punk rock band (21 pilots, panic at the disco, fallout boy etc). We plan to promote this band for performance opportunities and recording contracts. For more information or to set up an audition, please contact DreamWeaver Theatrical Productions at


*******Casting Notice – Paid

Orb – A man and woman risk everything to escape the seemingly perfect futuristic society they are trapped in. But are they prepared for what lies beyond the stars?

Characters that are needed:

•An athletic man between 19-24, of any ethnicity. Partial Nudity Required(Implied) 150/day

•A girl between 8-12, of any ethnicity. 50 half day, no travel
•A boy between 8-12, of any ethnicity. 50 half day, no travel

Being shot in Salt Lake and St. George/Vegas. All travel/lodging/meals provided.
Shooting dates are February 23rd-27th.

Send headshots, resume and reels (if you have one) to:



Hi Folks!  I was contacted by the Producer inquiring of the talent level and quality here in Treasure Valley as he is doing the film here this summer! This film has not been announced yet so you guys are the first to hear of it!!  Auditions will be held on January 30th in Meridian.  They are wanting to see as many represented people as possible first and then they may open it up to the public.  Should you have friends that are interested in auditioning, please refer them my way for possible representation.  You will need to download the sides from the website as well as set up a time to audition from the website.  The web is

Please email me once you have requested a time and character so I can get you confirmed.

Catrine will be holding a class before the audition specifically to prepare you for this audition and others to come.  Please let me know if you would like more details or to register.


*******UTAH Paid*

Condition One specializes in 3D Virtual Reality cameras, software and content. They are doing amazing work and they want to announce their product at Sundance this year. They have rented a large viewing space in a storefront on Main Street in Park City and they are seeking individuals to assist attendees with the VR goggles and to explain the process of VR. They need people Jan 25th-29th and are paying $100 a day. It’s a great way to learn about the emerging technology of VR and to meet people at Sundance.  Email for more details


*******Boise & SLC Paid!!  I am looking for creative ideas/submissions for an agency commercial.  I have an idea of what I want, but I want you as agency talent to add to it.  This commercial will be produced as a radio ad.  Please submit your ideas/dialogue/voice demo to  Whoever comes up with the most creative ad for Anderson Talent will be paid for the production and/or be in the production.


*******UTAH PAID. Casting Call for “Young Entrepreneurs”. 30 min to 2 hours in the SLC area, pay is flat $50. This is for montage scenes for a best selling Business author’s book release promo that features young entrepreneurs (18-35). We need the following shots; Businessman/woman on Train, Man/Woman Running, Boxer/KickBoxer, Weight Lifter, Business Meeting Individuals, Indoor Rock Climber, Man/Woman with Child working From Home, woman on cell phone, man driving a luxury car, man/woman on Private Plane. ALL SHOTS will also be released for use in your portfolio/promo materials and we can schedule most of these shots around your schedule. email for more info.



“I Dream in Five”

This is a short Drama/Mystery for my final in Advanced Film Production. I need one more actor for my cast:

ZACK (early 20s) Male. Love interest of protagonist.

He’s an energetic youthful sort who knows more than he lets on.

Must be comfortable with doing a love scene with another man.

It will most likely be UNPAID due to the poor performance of my indiegogo campaign.

If you’re interested, please email me at with your headshot, resume, and availability for the weekends of February



SHOOTING DATE: Jan. 24th 2016
Title: Lights Beyond the Tree Line
Genre: Short Drama/Mystery/Thriller

$100/day for all keys – *Other position pay negotiable. Submit knowing that.*
Preferable with a beard and scraggly hair and “dead inside/paranoid” look.

Email for more details

Sound Crew
Production Crew



*******UTAH PAID: Your Rate
The company I work for is currently looking for a versatile female voice over artist to provide their services for a series of bite-sized (1 to 2 minute) 2D Animated Learning and Development Videos. The project is expected to last at least a year with new scripts being developed and finalized weekly. These scripts will then be handed off to you for voice over work. This work would require you to work on your own and, at times, remotely with our team — so you’ll need access to your own recording equipment. If you’re interested and have your own equipment, PM or email me at with your rates and a demo of your previous work. Thank You!



*******UTAH “Rock of Ages” cast recording people! This time for middle school kids. :)

Singers/musical theater enthusiasts!! The audition notice is attached, and I’ve also taken the key information and inserted it below.
CASTING: Middle School-aged vocalists, both for solo and chorus roles.
ACTION: Will create an official cast recording of Rock of Ages: Middle School Edition to be utilized as a reference recording by students all over the world as they prepare their own productions of the show.
LOCATION: Rehearsals and recording will take place in Utah County.
COMPENSATION: $100+15% agency; Each performer will also be given a copy of the completed album.
TIME COMMITMENT: Those cast will be required to learn the music with the aid of rehearsal materials, as well as attending some group and individual rehearsals. Rehearsals and recording sessions will be scheduled around the conflicts provided by those who are cast. Recording dates will be the week of January 18, 2016. Performers must be available for daytime sessions on Monday, January 18, with the possibility of other sessions in the afternoons/evenings that week. All rehearsals/recording sessions will take place in Utah County.
Email for more info!


*******Needing models 21 and over for a shoot for a chef apparel company. Must be available Jan 7th. Email if interested.


*******UTAH & IDAHO

Hi, my name is Jerry and I am working on a A NEW DATING SHOW on a MAJOR NETWORK is looking for the Smartest, Sexiest, most Eligible Single Ladies from Every State.
The ladies chosen for the show will see if they can make a Love Connection with our SINGLE GUY who happens to be a FAMOUS PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE!!! And our Athlete is a Current, Active Player!!!
If you’re interested in this opportunity, email us your info now or click on the link below to tell us about yourself!!
email to be considered!
We’d appreciate any help in reaching the best, so if this isn’t for you, please take a second and forward this to someone who might be. Please also post the flyer anywhere you think eligible ladies might see it!


*******UTAH: This project just came up that sounds like it’s going to be a blast. The photographer is asking for “fun/quirky” faces for a New Era Magazine dating article. If you have actively LDS models or actors who would be interested, please pass it along to them and ask them to apply by the Monday morning deadline. Thank you!!

Photo 1)
· Teen Boy and Girl, ages 16-18
o Ethnicity: Any Ethnicity
o Acting/Modeling experience: Required
o Active LDS: Yes
o Notes: They will be dressed as citizens of the capitol a la “Hunger Games”. It is preferred that the Boy have slightly longer or curly hair so the stylist can make it bigger.
· Adult Male, age 25-35
o Ethnicity: Any Ethnicity
o Acting/Modeling experience: Required
o Active LDS: Yes
o Notes: He will be the Host/Caesar Flickerman character. Must be comfortable being over the top. It would be nice if he had slightly longer hair so the stylist has more to work with.
Photo 2)
· Teen Boy and Girl, ages 16-18
o Ethnicity: Asian or Latin
o Acting/Modeling experience: Preferred, but not required
o Active LDS: Yes
Photo 3)
· Teen Boy, age 16-18
o Ethnicity: Any Enthnicity
o Acting/Modeling experience: Required
o Active LDS: Yes
o Notes: To play an outrageous fanatical bowler. Almost a nerdier, goofy guy.
Photo 4)
· Teen Girl, age 16-18
o Ethnicity: Caucasian
o Acting/Modeling experience: Required
o Active LDS: Yes
o Notes: To be distracted while putting on lipstick causing the lipstick to run up her cheek. A Zooey Deschanel or Heather Morris from Glee look.
LOCATION: A studio in Salt Lake
COMPENSATION: This pays $150 + 10% agency fee
TIME COMMITMENT: Shoot will take about 3 hours on Wednesday, December 30th
Email Rosie at to be considered


UTAH Extras needed for a industrial shoot.

Shoot date for all is Monday 12/14 – some may be late at night depending on the role but we are planning to film a while after Sam’s Club Closes.
$120/day for extras. Non broadcast, internal video. Full Buyout.
Business Extras:
Magnet Man
Magnet Woman
Chef/business owner
Asian woman business owner/shopper: 35-45
Sales Associate at Sam’s Club (w/ woman measuring tape)
Male sales associate: 30-40, Caucasian
Savers Extras:
Intro Couple Man
Male shopper, husband: 30-35, African American (Similar in age so it looks like they are married)
Intro Couple Woman
Female shopper, wife: 25-30, African American
Card Holder/Member
Email for more details



Clear as Mudd Films, will holding open auditions for our next feature film “A Flush of Hearts.” These auditions will be held, Saturday January 9th 2016 on the third floor of the Boise Public Library in the Bingham Room. From 10:00am-5:00pm. Auditions are one day only.

These auditons are open to the public. Any actor or aspiring actor of any age or experience is welcome to try out for a part.

Auditions are a “Warm Read” how it will work, is you look at the Character list below, decide which character(s) you would like to audition for and I will send you audition sides from the script.
Then you come in during your scheduled time, partially characterized and show us what you’ve got!

This is a seven hour audition day. you must sign up for a time. So, schedule your self for an hour block.

Your application (which you can send via email or facebook), should look something like this: “My name is Matt Mudd. I would like to read for Ace at 1pm.” You will be scheduled in the 1pm-2pm auditon slot and sent the sides for Ace at that point. Please also snd a headshot if you have one.

If you will be out of town or unable to make it on the 9th. I will get with you the week before auditions and do a video auditon with you to show to my casting director and assistant casting director. If you can come to the live auditions…that is preferable…but dont let unavailability on that one day stop you from auditioning.

We will cast that evening and the cast list will be posted and publicized on Sunday the 10th of January. The following Saturday, the 16th will be the first cast and crew meeting for this project in the same location at 1:30pm. If you plan on auditioning for this film…please try and have that day available as well to sign paperwork and get the schedules as well as participate in a table read.

CONTENT WARNING: This film is rated extremely R. There will be violence, language, adult content, sexual situations, and breif nudity(possibly, this is still in talks and depends on who is cast where.) If this is not something you are ok with, do not audition. Or don’t audition for a part in these situations. I will divulge any information that is necessary about the script prior to auditions.

please take a look at the Character list and let me know who you’d like to read for.

A Flush of Hearts Character List

ACE: (20’s-Male) A confident gambler with an affinity for words. He is a smooth talker and terrible with money. He’s good looking and does well with females. He cares deeply for his friends but only after looking out for himself. Ace isn’t exactly book smart, but he is definitely street smart and does what it takes to survive. His dream is to play poker professionally.

JASON FITZGERALD: (20’s- Male) The polar opposite of Ace. He is book smart but naive when it comes to being on the street. He is a naturally gifted poker player and has an innate ability to read people. He is on a mission to save his sister when he gets caught up in the world of underground poker and must find a way to survive, while still getting the money he needs. He has a big heart and always tries to see the good in those around him.

SAMANTHA “SAMMIE” ROCKWELL: (18-30- Female) Sammie is a young runaway. She has the streets on lock and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She is a talented gambler and a fierce friend. She constantly risks her life for the people she cares about. Especially Ace and her brother, Spencer. She is currently on the run from the authorities due to her mysterious relationship with her parents. And help Ace raise the money he needs to pay a loan shark back.

FRANK VALENCIA: (40’s-50’s-Male) Frank is the neighborhood loan shark and gangster. He is cunning and ruthless and will stop at nothing to get back the money he loans out. He is smart but also insane. He has no qualms about breaking the law and is currently on the hunt for Ace.

BRIAN KING: (20’s-30’s-Male) Brian is a recent graduate from the academy and is undercover investigating Frank. He cares about his job, but cares more about his brand new wife Allison. His compassion and his duty are often at odds causing some internal conflict with this character.

MELISSA “MISTY” CAHONE: (20’s-Female) Misty is Ace’s girlfriend. She is a stripper at the Blue Moon. Where Ace is a regular customer. She loves Ace deeply and would go through any amount of pain or hardship for him. Even though her level of love for him is unreturned. She still goes out of her way, putting herself in danger to keep him safe. She is also tough. And she has an almost motherly love for Sammie.

DETECTIVE JACKSON (20’s-50’s- GENDER NEUTERAL) Detective Jackson is Brian’s superior. He/She is your typical, duty driven cop. Hellbent on taking Frank down, He/She puts herself and Brian in harms way to get the job done.

JOEY: (20’s- Male) Joey is the wise-cracking, lovable “wangster” who plays cards with both Ace and Brian on a regular basis. He sticks his neck out for the group by offering them a place to live while they lay low. Joey just wants to have fun and live his life, but gets caught up in the mess.

BOBBY JEFFRIES: (30’s-40’s-Male) Bobby is a once talented gambler who is wanted for murder. He runs a weekly poker game for outlaws as well as an underground drug business and provides a way for Ace to make payments to Frank. He is quick tempered and mean.

JAYMEE/JAMIE FITZGERALD (9-15 GENDER NEUTERAL) The sibling of Jason. He/She has a brain tumor and desperately needs surgery but isnt receiving the help he/she needs from their parents. So, Jason takes control.

PHILD ROTHCHILD: (20’s-40’s- Male) Professional Poker Player. Ace’s rival.

LINDA FITZGERALD: (30’s-40’s- Female) Linda is a drug addict. She has kids but doesn’t take care of them, or herself. She has a strained relationship with her oldest, Jason because of the situation with his younger sibling.

ROB COLTER: (30’s-40’s- Male) The alcoholic boyfriend of Linda.

EDDIE: (30’s-40’s- Male) A debtor to Frank.

NICK: (30’s-50’s) One of Frank’s Thugs. Character has to be built. Or big.

MARKUS: (30’s-50’s) One of Frank’s Thugs. Character has to be built. Or big.

SETH, KEITH, ANDY, CHERYL, LACY, NINA, ALLAN, STEVE, JEFF- (20’s-50’s) Various named poker players.

MIKE and DAVID: (30’s-50’s) Announcers in the poker tournament

WAITRESS: (20’s-30’s- Female) A diner waitress

MAN: (30’s-40’s- Male) A creepy man in the ally who hits on Sammie.

ANNOUNCER: (30’s-50’s- Gender Neutral) Announcer in Ace’s Flashback

POKER PLAYERS- (20’s-50’s)

STRIPPERS(3)(20’s-30’s- Female)

OLD MAN(50+ Male) Plays cards with Sammie in the park

STRIP CLUB PATRONS (20’s-50’s- Gender Neutral)

BOUNCER(20’s-30’s-Male) Well built- works at the Blue Moon

COPS (4) (20’s-40’s Gender Neutral) With Detective Jackson during motel raid.

BAR TENDER- (20’s-50’s- Gender Neutral) Works in the bar Spencer hangs at.

GANGSTERS (2) (20’s-30’s- Gender Neutral)- opening sequence.

CARD DEALERS (3) (Any Age- Gender Neutral) Various poker games.


*******UTAH Table Read for Investors (Volunteer)

Feature Film Script
Facing East by Duane Andersen, Carol Lynn Pearson, Guinevere Turner
November 28th, 2015
7:00 pm
Need to cast for the read thru:
Alex (able to read as 55), lead: Stable, serious, a Mormon right-wing-radio talk show host.
Ruth (able to read as 55), lead: On the surface the perfect Mormon wife and mother; terrified that anyone might think otherwise.
bios of team:

Duane Andersen (director, screenwriter, producer) directed the feature film Superpowerless, due out in 2016. He helped produced Dave Boyle’s Man from Reno, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Film Festival and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. He also produced Boyle’s Daylight Savings and Surrogate Valentine, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2011 and 2012. Previously he and Boyle made the festival favorites Big Dreams Little Tokyo and White on Rice. He recently helped produce the documentary An Honest Liar by Tyler Measom and Justin Weinstein, about the magician James “The Amazing” Randi, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and received high critical praise during its theatrical run as one of the year’s best documentaries. Overall he has been a producer on over a dozen feature films.

Duane has worked in virtually every capacity in film production including producer, director, assistant director, production manager, and location manager. He lives in a small town in Central Utah where he is a full-time professor of cinema production at Utah Valley University. 

Emily Pearson (producer/supporting actress) helped produce the documentary 8: The Mormon Proposition, which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and was released theatrically from Red Flag Releasing.  She worked for years as Managing Director of Main Street Movie Company and helped produce that company’s film States of Grace. Emily has been a professional actor for years with credits including Taking 5, Brigham City, Evil Angel, Beverly Hills 90210,Touched By An Angel and Saved By The Bell.

Guinevere Turner (screenwriter) is a screenwriter, director and actor best known as the screenwriter and a co-star of the cult classic film American Psycho. She also co-wrote the popular independent films The Notorious Bettie Page, Breaking the Girls and Go Fish. She was also a staff writer on the Showtime series The L Word. As an actor she has appeared inAmerican Psycho, Chasing Amy, Go Fish, Stray Dogs, The Fluffer, and Breaking the Girls.  Guinevere has for the past several years led the screenwriting mentor program at the Los Angeles Outfest Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Carol Lynn Pearson (screenwriter) wrote the original play, Facing East, which the film Facing East is based on, as well as the first drafts of the film’s screenplay. Carol Lynn’s best-selling autobiography, Goodbye, I Love You, tells the story of her marriage to a homosexual man, their divorce, ongoing friendship, and her caring for him as he died of AIDS. Featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning, America” and in “People Magazine,” she has become an icon to many thousands of gay people and their families for her powerful work to bridge the gap between gay and religious communities – causing Rabbi Harold Kushner (author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People) to say, “Thank you, Carol Lynn Pearson, for reminding us that the task of any religion is to teach us whom we’re required to love, not whom we’re entitled to hate.” Among the many books she has written, two are seminal books that are found in the libraries of most LDS gay people:The Heroes Journey for Gay Mormons and No More Goodbyes: Circling the Wagons around our Gay Loved Ones.

Duane Andersen

Email a photo and resume and your contact info, please put in the subject which part you are submitting yourself for


*******UTAH LDS Casting: We are producing a video that will train local Church leaders to better minister to the needs of single expecting parents. We are casting various speaking roles including Church leaders, a single expectant young woman, and her parents. Those applying for these speaking roles should be comfortable with a teleprompter.
Bishop: male; 30s-50s; any ethnicity; clean cut.
High Priest Group Leader: male; 40s-60s; any ethnicity; clean-cut.
Relief Society President: female; 30s-60s; any ethnicity.
Julie: female; 20s; any ethnicity; will be portraying a young woman who is pregnant and unmarried.
Julie’s Mom: female; 40s-50s; any ethnicity.
Julie’s Dad: male; 40s-50s; any ethnicity; clean cut.

All applicants must be temple worthy members of the Church, as verified by temple recommend or clearance from bishop or branch president.
EXCEPTION: We are able to consider non-LDS candidates for the role of Julie.

Audition: via video submission due by Monday, November 23rd at 5pm.
Shoot: Wednesday and Thursday, December 2nd and 3rd.
Julie is only needed one of these days. The rest of the roles will be needed BOTH days.

TBD locations in the Salt Lake Area

Julie: $500 + 10% agency fee (if applicable) –one day only
All the rest of the roles: $350 + 10% agency fee (if applicable) for a 4 hour day (if you work more than 4 hours, you will be paid more). Two days of shooting.

email for sides//more info


*******UTAH LDS VO: We have an urgent need for a young woman (about age 12-14) who is a native Portuguese speaker to record a voice over for a Church Christmas video. We hope to record on Monday in Salt Lake, but we need to audition applicants first.

Young Woman; about age 12-14; native Brazilian Portuguese speaker
Applicants must be temple worthy members of the LDS Church.

Monday, November 23rd in Salt LakeRATE
$400 + 10% agency fee (if applicable) for the voice over sessionEmail for more info!


*******UTAH: Writer/Director/Effects Artist Thom Jensen is holding auditions for a zombie apocalypse web series commissioned by Disney affiliate.

Who: Males 18-25; Any Ethnicity

When: November 21, 2015

Time: 10am-4pm (You MUST have a time slot)

Where: Stange Casting

Prepare: 1-3 minute Comedic monologue

Callbacks: December 5, 2015 (Actors will receive scenes from the script for callbacks)

Shoot Dates: December 18 and 19, 2015

Rate: $150 per day

email if you would like to be submitted!

*******IDAHO Improv comedy tryouts are happening soon! No previous experience needed. Head over to and click on Auditions to register!


*******IDAHO ACTOR NEEDED for NOV. 17th Shoot
$100 – 15% commission for a full day shoot
Sex- Male
Age- 20-70
Preferably someone who can pull of the computer nerd vibe

Email if available


*******UTAH. THE ELVING PROJECT (Based on the best selling books “Chickens in the Headlights”& “Bullies in the Headlights”) Feature Film for Theatrical Release Non-Union (Pending SAG Ultra Low Budget)

PAY: $150/day (SAG Ultra Low Budget) LOCATION: Utah SHOOT DATES: January 11-23, 2016 (6 Day weeks, Mon-Sat)

AUDITIONS: 11/6, 11/7, 11/11, 11/13, 11/14 (Possibly: 11/18, 11/20) Covenant Communications 920 State St #F, American Fork, UT 84003 MIX & MATCH CALLBACK: Friday, December 4, 2015


NOTES FROM CASTING: *This film is set in 1984. **Agents: please submit headshot/resumes via email by Tuesday, November 3. I will put out audition requests & sides on Wednesday November 4. **NOTE: AS OUR LEADS ARE CHILDREN AND THE FILM WILL BE SHOT IN ONLY 12 DAYS, PLEASE SUBMIT ONLY CHILDREN YOU FEEL HAVE THE CHOPS AND EXPERIENCE TO CARRY A FILM! SYNOPSIS: Christmas is the busiest and most exciting time of the year for the Buckley brothers. As the big day approaches, their life is perfect, until Juniper Goodman, the most beautiful girl in the world, moves in next door. When Matthew and Simon Buckley, fall for Juniper in a big way, and they vie for her affection, the Christmas spirit and brotherly love are kicked to the curb like last years Christmas tree. To complicate matters further, their mother Pam, who is expecting for what she hopes will be the first Buckley daughter in the family, chooses Matthew and Simon’s arch enemies the Hagbarts, to be the recipient of the annual Elving Project. Forced to endure the teasing and taunting of the Hagbarts by day, and the delivering of the secret Christmas treats at night, the Elving project loses all the joy of past years. But, as the boys deliver the treats to the Hagbart home, they discover something about the Hagbarts and also about themselves that changes everything.


SIMON BUCKLEY – 13, Caucasian Male. Simon is the 7th grade, moppy-haired, bespeckled, eldest of the four Buckley boys. He is the ultimate nerd and self-proclaimed leader of the Buckley clan. He is creative, witty and extremely annoyed that he has not yet hit puberty and is now officially shorter than his younger brother Matthew who is 12. Simon struggles to assert his leader status as he maneuvers the onslaught of bullying from the Hagbart triplets and fights Matthew for the affections of Juniper… the lovely new move-in across the street.

LEAD PETER BUCKLEY – 10, Caucasian Male. Peter is the peace-maker. He is everyone’s favorite. A sweet, go-with the flow, middle child who will do anything for a piece of candy. Even the chickens and the dog prefer Peter. His brothers are amazed by his chickenwhispering abilities.

LEAD FINN HAGBART – 12, Caucasian Male. Finn is the ultimate 6th grade bully both verbally and physically. Confident and menacing, Finn is the leader of the Habart triplets. Later, the underbelly of Finn is revealed as we witness the hardships of his home life. His mother has left the family and father works 2 jobs. Finn is left to care for his siblings. We see glimpses of his softer side.

LEAD ALLEN GOODMAN – 12, Caucasian Male. Bespeckled, nerdy and loveable, Allen is the ultimate exaggerator! He is a larger than life storyteller who always sees the silver lining. He is clueless as to how others see him and can not be derailed from the positivity train.

LEAD JUNIPER GOODMAN – 13, Caucasian Female. She is our Winnie Cooper. Juniper is the lovely, kind, smart 7th grade girl who moves in next door to the Buckleys. She is observant as Matthew and Simon fight for her affections, ultimately choosing Matthew due to his kindness to her brother Allen.

LEAD FAE HAGBART – 12, Caucasian Female. Fae is her brother Finn’s bullying sidekick. She is thin with straggly hair… like an orphan or a stray dog. She has a sharp tongue and gets a special kick out of scaring boys.

SUPPORTING LEAD FEEB HAGBART – 12, Caucasian Female. Feeb is her brother Finn’s bullying sidekick #2. She is thin with straggly hair… like an orphan or a stray dog. Feeb is a girl of fewer words than her sister but gets an equal kick out of the power she feels when kids are afraid of her.

SUPPORTING LEAD PAM BUCKLEY – 35-40, Caucasian Female. Pam is a slightly stressed mother of 4 rowdy boys. Pregnant and obsessed with the color pink, she is doing all in her power to make #5 a girl. She is creative and fun, the keeper of the family traditions. She is the parent with her head in the clouds while her husband is the grounding force of the family. Please submit actors with natural comedic ability.

SUPPORTING LEAD **LOOKING IN LA & UT, PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR TOP CLIENTS RALPH BUCKLEY – 38-43, Caucasian Male. Ralph is the pocket-protector wearing engineer who prefers order and calm. He however, is the father of 4 rowdy boys and can’t seem to figure out how to teach them work ethic and responsibility. Ralph is more easily flustered by his boys than Pam, though he’s also a great hands-on dad. Please submit actors with natural comedic ability.

SUPPORTING LEAD **LOOKING IN LA & UT, PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR TOP CLIENTS JOHN BUCKLEY – 8, Caucasian Male. John is the baby of the family and as such gets on all the brother’s nerves. He is the ultimate tattle-tale and gets great satisfaction from seeing his brothers get in trouble.

SUPPORTING EARL – 60’s Preferably African American (Could also be any other non-caucasian ethnicity) Earl is the kids’ militant and seemingly scary school bus driver. A War Veteran, Earl is scary looking on the outside but quite a softy on the inside. He takes Matthew under his wing and teaches him about life.

SUPPORTING **LOOKING IN LA & UT, PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT YOUR TOP CLIENTS MISS BLISS – 30’s-40’s, Any Ethnicity Female. She is the 6th grade teacher of Matthew, Allen, Finn, Fae and Fee. She is everyone’s favorite teacher. She knows her students personally, is kind, sets high expectations and is quite pretty. Finn Hagbart has a crush on her which she is aware of.

SUPPORTING FRANCIE HAGBART – 6-8, Caucasian Female. Timid, frail, and vulnerable, she is the youngest Hagbart. Like her older sisters, she is thin with straggly hair… a little lost puppy.

SUPPORTING ADULT MATTHEW (VO) – Late 30’s-40’s, Caucasian Male. The 2016 adult voice of our 12 year old lead. Think Christmas Story and The Wonder Years. We live this Christmas tale through the wise and witty observations of an adult Matthew reminiscing.




Now Looking for Female Powered Business Women Type 40-60 years old

$150.00/up to 12 hours

Can not have worked at all on the show already

Monday 9th Nov

Email if available



Looking for Men between 30-60 years old to be conventioneers

20-70 year old male and female to be Hotel guests and Hotel staff

Friday Nov 6, 2015

Park City Area

$101.50/up to 12 hours

Email if available



Upcoming micro budget short film/proof of concept for additional funding. Will be shot local in Eagle/Boise area, most likely down on the Boise river depending on conditions. Everything will be shot in one day to create the smallest time commitment possible. Shot in 4k RAW on the RED Scarlet and distributed in 4k web compression.

3 actors –
Age: 18-40
Role: Non speaking
Time frame: This fall/next spring for one day proof of concept shoot.
Casting: After contacting, the casting process will consist of sending a casting video. No need to meet in person until shooting dates.

2 actors –
Age: 30-50
Role: Speaking up to 3 lines/quotes
Time frame: This fall/next spring for one day proof of concept shoot.
Casting: After contacting, the casting process will consist of sending a casting video. No need to meet in person until shooting dates.


*******UTAH Monday 11/9/15

HBO Mosaic

All 5 men will all be picked by the Director

Male 40-60 years old. High Powered Business Types(Acting experience)

Must NOT have worked on the show.

$150.00/up to 12 hours

email if available


*******UTAH HBO Mosaic Background needed tomorrow Nov 4th

Male or Female 20-60’s

Need 1 to be Hotel employee must wear no bigger than a large shirt

Please email if available

*******UTAH! We are looking for extras to come work Tomorrow in Park City on HBO.Tomorrow you must be size small or medium.

Friday we are looking for any sizes who would like to come work on this lovely show.Please send picture,phone #,age and what color of car you have.You must be over 18.Send info to

Please put what day you are available in the subject.


*******Boise parents!!  Please bring the kids in tomorrow after school for a Halloween trick or treat from Anderson Talent. Best costume wins movie tickets!!

Party starts at 3pm and will go until 5pm!  See you then!  Pizza will be served :) Please RSVP


*******Boise paid video stock shoot!  Need a young couple (20’s) and a slightly older couple (50’s) for tomorrow morning or Saturday morning.  Please email if you are available.


********UTAH voice over project. Specifically a young mother, sounding Polynesian (20’s-30’s) & a 10-12 year old sounding Polynesian girl voice  that can tell a quick, 3 page, bedtime story that people will want to hear over and over again.  This is a paid buyout.  Candidates do not need to be with the agency for this project, however 20% commission will be deducted for the booking.  If interested please email  Submission deadline is Saturday 10/31 at noon.




















If available to travel out, please email  thanks!


*******America’s Got Talent is currently casting for Season 11, and they are coming to Salt Lake City on December 5th! If you have an act, or know someone who does, please send an e-mail with some contact information to, or go!



*******Utah CASTING: Commercial
$1000 per day plus agency fees.
DATE: Tuesday, October 27th. 4-9PM.
BREAKDOWN: Female. Must look between 18-23. Blond preferred, but not necessary. She’ll be playing Goldilocks.
SHOOTING DATES: As of now, the shooting dates are DEC 4th-5th. In Provo Utah.
This is for the same producers who created Squatty Potty and Poopourri, so the viral potential is huge. Email if you are interested!


*******The Publishing Services Department is producing a new series of images for the Ensign magazine to accompany an article on dealing with depression. We are seeking a physically active female to participate. Please review the information below, and pass this along to those you represent who fit the breakdown.Application Deadline is Monday morning!


NEEDED:  Active Woman: Between the ages 25-35; Modeling/Acting experience strongly preferred; Actively LDS.

ACTION:  Will portray a woman who deals  with her depression through medication, good nutrition, exercise, recognizing and avoiding triggers, and seeking therapy when needed. 3 shots will be created; One of her pushing against a barrier, one of her breaking through, and one of her running outdoors.

LOCATION:  A studio in Provo

COMPENSATION:  This pays $300+10% agency fee if applicable

TIME COMMITMENT:  Shooting for 4-6 hours Thursday, October 29th

Email if interested & available to shoot in Utah 10/29


*******Kids casting tomorrow in Sun Valley!

I know this is short notice, but if your child can pass for the age of 12 – 14 and you can be in Ketchum tomorrow afternoon as well as be available ALL DAY on October 29th in SunValley please email me before 8pm today at  This is for a commercial, pay rates are still being negotiated.  There is no travel compensation!


*******Rexburg Idaho project!

Calling all PAs!
Production Assistant Salary: $140 for 12
Job Start Date: 10/26/2015
Job End Date: 11/05/2015
Job Location: Island Park
Job Information: We need roughly 8 PA’s and a overnight PA. We will be staying in Rexburg, but will be filming in Island Park. Rate is $140 for 12, OT after 12. Food will be provided on set. Milage is only given on set. Job runs for about 6-7 days. Please let me know! Display Start: 10/26/2015 Display End: 11/05/2015

“”Must be available all days.  Email if you are interested!



The Publishing Services Department is producing a new short training film in the same vein as Interview with a Cloud. We are seeking a comedic actress with improv capability to portray Rhonda Rhinovirus in “Interview with a Germ”. Please review the general information below.

NEEDED: Comedic Actress: Between the ages 35-55; Actively LDS
ACTION: Will portray Rhonda Rhinovirus in a candid interview
LOCATION: A studio in Provo
COMPENSATION: This pays $500+10% agency fee if applicable
TIME COMMITMENT: Filming for a full day mid-October

Email if you are interested!


*******Casting call – volunteer fundraiser!

“Breaking The Cycle” is a series of short, scripted monologues about domestic violence to be performed at a FACES fundraiser.

Date: October 15th   Location: Zions Building – Downtown Boise

Commitment: 1 rehearsal & 2 hours at the event


Jade: 20 – 25 female, Caucasian or Asian, ex convict – frustrated after an abusive relationship, later feels guilty.

Rose: 30 – 35 female, Caucasian, upper middle class – stressed and emotionally downcast mother

Kimberly: 40’s female, any ethnicity. Mother trying to better herself

Dominic: Late 20’s male, any ethnicity. Boyfriend who doesn’t know the mistake of his relationship

Carl: 60 – 80’s male, any ethnicity.  Retired postal worker

Casting info: Sept. 30th 12pm – 1pm

Hall International Academy

1167 E. Iron Eagle Drive

Eagle, ID 83646

Send a headshot & resume Attn Catrine for an audition time!




We need 30-40 experienced actors (ages 16 +) to participate in a world-premier, short play festival featuring 8 original, 10-minute plays written for young audiences.

Time Committment:

IF selected, actors need to be available on Friday Sept. 25 between 7:30pm-11pm for rehearsal; Saturday Sept. 26 between 8am-4pm for rehearsal; Sept. 26 between 4-6pm for tech rehearsal; showtime 7:30-9:30pm. All rehearsals and the performance will be held at the Meridian Methodist Church of the Warm Heart in downtown Meridian.

How to Audition:

Please let us know you’re coming! Register for an “appointment” via this event registration tool. Please bring your resume and a current photo (does not need to be a professional headshot, just a recent picture of you). You don’t need to prepare anything. We will do cold readings from the scripts.

NOTE: If you don’t have an appointment, come anyway! We are looking to cast the Valley’s best talent, so don’t be shy; come show us what you got!

SECOND NOTE: We need between 30-40 actors but we also need 4 production assistants and a slew of volunteers. If you’re interested in a technical role, please email

About 8 in 48 Idaho:

The “8 in 48 Idaho” Short Play Festival is produced by Treasure Valley Children’s Theater and the Meridian Arts Foundation. The festival premiers 8 professional, family-friendly, 10-minute plays. A national call for submissions generated scripts entries from February through May. The submissions were screened by a national panel of theater artists. Winning playwrights were notified in July and the top 8 plays will be produced by a local team of directors and community actors (maybe YOU). The plays will premiere on September 26, 2015 as a benefit performance at 7:30pm at The Meridian Methodist Church of the Warm Heart in downtown Meridian. Ticket information will be available soon.

Selected playwrights will win cash awards totaling $500.00. Awards are offered in three categories: Screeners Choice, Audience Choice and Honorable Mention. Play submissions were open to any playwright whether aspiring or experienced.

Our Goal:

Meridian is poised for a performing arts venue. Treasure Valley Children’s Theater and the Meridian Arts Foundation are dedicated to funding a local home for community and professional arts organizations based in the central Treasure Valley. The 2015 festival will raise $20,000 toward establishing a Performing Arts Building Fund in Meridian. This fund is managed by the Meridian Arts Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to securing the future of the arts in Meridian.

Questions about auditions or the festival in general? Contact us at



*******UTAH project.  Need one Caucasian man and one Latin man 20 – 30’s.  Very “buff” build.  This is a paid shoot.  Email if you are interested.


*******LITTLE THINGS (paying feature) seeks amputee/wheelchair-bound male talent & 80s Hispanic/Latino male talent


Production Info: Producers: Sean Montgomery & Vitarin Buranakarn Writer/Director: Robert Radice Production Companies: 323 Productions & Amber Planet Productions

SAG Papers Pending (project to be either Modified Low Budget or Low Budget) (not ULB) Paid project

Presently scheduled to shoot in Pittsburgh, PA, during April/May 2016

LITTLE THINGS: Having woken from a failed suicide attempt, Jamie, a self‐destructive war veteran and his inner monsters fight the gravity of a dying yet full‐of‐life 12‐year‐old girl, Natalie, who is relentlessly committed to pulling him back from the edge of destruction.

The production team is presently securing financing for this extremely ambitious feature, which is currently scheduled to start in August 2015 in Pittsburgh, PA.  We are also presently in talks with name talent for several roles and, so far, have secured the attachment of Kristen Renton (”Sons of Anarchy”), Lou Hirsch (”Who Framed Roger Rabbit”), Shaya McCord (“CSI:NY”), Emily Peachey (“The Fault in our Stars”), Maria Olsen (”Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief”) and other talent.

Both union and non-union submissions are welcome, and we will Taft Hartley non-union talent if necessary. Talent with no previous experience is also welcome. We are inviting submissions from all over the country (travel and accommodation will be covered).

MARCUS (male, 30s, all ethnicities, double‐amputee (legs);wheelchair‐bound)

Marcus fought alongside Jamie and fully understands the anguish he is going through. Although he lost both his legs in combat, he hasn’t lost his wry ‐ and sometimes shocking ‐ sense of humor. He’s a very integral part of the close‐knit group of veterans who tries to save Jamie from himself. Smaller supporting.

Wheelchair‐bound,double‐amputee actors are my first choice, but I will accept submissions from talent with any kind of amputation and talent who are wheelchair-bound due to some other reason Please NO submissions from actors who are not wheelchair-bound or who are not amputees.

MR. MARTINEZ (male, 80 to 85, Hispanic/Latino)

This decorated WWII veteran is a wise and kind man who sympathizes with Jamie and his plight. Now confined to a wheelchair and living at St Mary’s Hospital, he is extremely lonely and greatly misses his wife, who passed away some time ago. Loved by Natalie, but despised by the orderly in charge of him, Mr. Martinez makes a stand when faced with the choice of supporting Jamie or walking away from the situation. Supporting.

Actors with physical disabilities or wheelchair-bound actors welcome. Please NO submissions from actors who are not Hispanic/Latino and who aren’t in their very-late-70s or 80s).

Email current resume, put it the subject line  LITTLE THINGS : MARCUS or LITTLE THINGS : MR MARTINEZ  Thanks!!


*****MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN SUBMITTED FOR THE NATIONAL COMMERCIAL!  Please EMAIL to confirm that you can be available to shoot on Sept 3rd and 4th if chosen! Thanks!


MAJOR National commercial coming soon to Boise!! Being cast by Catrine McGregor!!  More details to follow as they become available!


*****Needing featured extras for a music video in SLC early September. Previous Craze talent feel free to contact me for more details. Boise talent, let me know if you are willing to travel. Pay is $175 for 1/2 day shoot. Project being cast by Catrine McGregor, CSA


*******Promo models needed ages 17 – 25 for an event 8/29 please email if available.


*******Kids ages 4 – 7 needed Monday for a Kindergarten Grad shoot.  Please email if available!



ENDS , ETC . ]


*******Need caps,gowns and grads for a paid shoot!  Black cap and gown is preferred!  Dates are not confirmed yet.  I will post updates!


*******In need of a family for a shoot in McCall early August.  Must have both parents, and 2 – 3 kids/teens.  Kids need to be old enough to swim, hike, etc.  Please email a family portrait if interested!  Thanks!


*******PLEASE join us for an amazing evening of jazz, folk, bluegrass, Broadway and Gospel next Saturday at the Sapphire Room at the Riverside Hotel. Tickets are on sale at Brown Paper Tickets: Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb just joined our talent line up! Don’t miss this event – it is for a great cause- Hall International Academy, a small arts school dear to my heart. . Plan on having dinner and drinks – great food!


*******I am need of an actor, male, 20s-40’s, to act in a short film project this coming Saturday and Sunday from 9:00a to 3:30p. It is a scene about a small group of DIY filmmakers preparing to shoot a scene for an indie horror film. The location is in Meridian. If you are interested and available for those dates and times, please send me an email at, and I will share the script and more info about the role. Thanks.


*******Female models 17 – 35 for a paying calendar shoot!  I can submit pro images for you but the client is also requesting 5 – 6 selfies wearing bikini and lingerie.  Please send the selfies to my email at by 10pm Sunday the 12



******* 2 male lead actors needed for a low budget film 18 – 25.  Experience a plus.  Auditions will be held 7/24 & 7/25 Please email Rosie if you are available and interested.


*******Paying stock shoot coming up end of July/August.  Client needs adults for a business theme.  Must have a few different business outfits.

Also needing Families (Dad, Mom & 2 elementary/early middle school aged children.)  Family photos can be sent to for consideration.  It is not a requirement that all members of the family have representation. The client prefers real families, but submit anyway if you would like to be a part of this shoot as we may be able to match up talent that have like features.


*******DreamWeaver Musical Theatre, together with AEN Playhouse, will be holding auditions for “James and the Giant Peach” (TYA) on Monday, June 29th.

Auditions for the role of James will begin at 5 pm.

Auditions for all other roles will begin at 7 pm.

Please prepare a song from any musical. Candidates will have the opportunity to perform their entire song. Please bring an instrumental backing CD or IPOD recording. NO Acapella.

We have a limited number of audition slots and are looking for seasoned actors and highly talented new actors. To be considered for auditions,  email me (Rosie) by the 25th.  You must be available for all rehearsals and show dates.

Dancing Difficulty: Moderate to strong dancing skills.
Singing Difficulty: Strong singing skills with ability to harmonize and project well.
Aciting Difficulty: Strong Character acting skills.

James: 10-13
All other roles: 16 and up through adult

Cast Size: 9 with doubling, tripling and quadrupling of roles.

COST: None. All actors will be paid for performances.

Located at King of Glory Lutheran Church on Maple Grove near Ustick in Boise.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 7-9:30 pm beginning July 13th.

Sept, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th at AEN Playhouse
September 22nd in Idaho City
September 29th in Emmett (tentative)
October 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Jewett Auditorium.

James is a happy, young man living in the English Countryside when one day he looses his parents to a rhino attack! He is sent to an orphanage where he moves on to live with his horrible, rude, bug murdering, conniving aunts. James meets a mysterious man (Ladahlord) and sets out to save the lives of his befriended bugs as they journey in enormous peach that has graced the garden of his despicable aunts. Ladybug, Caterpillar, Spider, Grasshopper and Centipede all work with James to help him reach New York City.

Actors will have the time of their life working together with in a dynamic, talented and fun group of people to bring a group of zany characters to stage!

Story by Roald Dahl. Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.




*******Audition opportunity: Super talented young men, ages 10 through 13, to audition for the role of James in our upcoming production of “James and the Giant Peach”. Candidates MUST have excellent vocal skills, an ability to be attentive and part of a team, and able to character act well. We are auditioning on Monday, June 29th at AEN Playhouse. This show will have a very demanding performance schedule, opening September 10th in Boise. If you know of a young man that would be perfect for this role, let us know at


*******Attention Actors!

I am pleased to announce that Catrine McGregor  will be at Anderson Talent on Saturday June 27th for an intermediate acting class!

From 12pm – 3pm

Make the scene real: Nail the audition  

In this class you will learn how to make interesting character choices, work with a scene partner, finding “you” in the character – without the audition being REAL, there will be no callbacks.  LEARN HOW TO GET THE CALLBACKS!


This workshop is open to the public and it will book up quickly.  Seating is limited.


From 3:30pm – 6:00pm

All about the actor’s unions

If you are a florist, you need to know a lot more than flowers: you need to know about your lease, wholesale vs. retail, hiring employees, marketing, etc…  As an actor, you HAVE to know about unions and contracts.  It is not only your responsibility to know all of this, it will protect you and keep you from losing possibly thousands of dollars due to your actions.  For example, did you know you could get health insurance?  Learn what other benefits are available to you.

This workshop is open to the public and it will book up quickly.  Seating is limited.

As your agent, I strongly recommend you attend both classes.   This will help you and it is an impressive add on to your resume.

Each workshop is $99.  There is a discount if you attend both.  For both workshops, your membership rate is $150.00.  (The general public will not receive a discounted rate.  Catrine is offering you a better rate because she has worked with most of you already in the basic auditioning class)

Please call me if you have questions or would like to enroll.   You can also enroll on the website and make payment through PayPal.

I hope to see you there!


*******Talent 18 and over, if you are available 100% on June 24th and 25th please let me know.  I am working with a client that is doing a shoot at the Nampa Library.  It will be for 1 day but the actual date is not confirmed.  This is a paying project!


*******Public Safety Testing, Inc. is seeking on-screen talent for a short instructional video used for police training. The shoot is on Saturday, June 6th, 11AM-1PM.

The training video is primarily about proper push-up, sit-up, and high-jump techniques. Talent should be able to perform multiple correct exercises (each exercise will be filmed from 3-4 angles). The ability to do 30 consecutive push-ups and sit-ups should be sufficient.

Email me asap if you are interested.  no pay, but they are offering a $50 Starbucks card.


*******CALLING ALL BEAUTIFUL VOICES—a marketing agency I work with is looking for someone who wants to build their voiceover portfolio! We’re creating co-branded HP videos in support of our digital campaigns, and we need a lovely voice to read some IT-centric material. Total project is about 4 hours. Please, please, please help me spread the word!

Hi, I’m casting a new reality show. It’s about engaged couples who have not met the in laws. We will fly you to met them. The couple and the in laws will be paid to be on the show. Contact me if you’re interested. Thanks! Adam.

*******There will also be auditions on Sunday, May 31 at same location and time.

We will be in Simplot room on the first floor of the Boise Public Library

About the show: A heartfelt play about love, time and the infinite directions in which two lives can travel. Hope and Charles are a pair of lonely twenty-somethings on a date. Just as they say good night, the possibilities of their future shared life rush to meet them. From their first kiss to their first child, from a horrible tragedy to a second chance, each moment moves with breath-taking speed. A love story told with theatrical flair.
Needed : One man and one woman, age twenty-something.
Show dates: July 10-25, Fridays & Saturdays (possible matinees could be added those weekends–this will be decided before audition dates and updated here also).
About the Director: Jordan Peterson graduated from Whitworth University with a degree in theater. Jordan can be seen performing all over Boise including the Treasure Valley Children’s Theater where he currently is a resident actor. Previous directing credits include Missoula Children’s Theater. He has acted with Daisy’s Madhouse and is excited to return to the company for his Boise directorial debut.

*******This year for our Boise Pride Festival we are holding auditions for local talent to preform at Boise Pridefest on June 20th. If you, or anyone you know has a talent they would like to show come and join! Please R.S.V.P your audition slot today…There are limited times available! email
There is a $5 cover for those who are not auditioning.
See you there!

*******Kids and Teens needed for a stock photography project. Submissions due by 3pm on June 3rd.

*******5/12/15 Hi guys! I will be having a cold read acting pizza party on Monday the 18th at 5pm here at the agency! Please RSVP to Thanks! Hope to see you all :) I will be inviting you to perform your favorite comedic monologue as well!

Hi Folks!! Here are a few upcoming opportunities!!

Popular video sharing site to produce a Flash Mob/Random Act of Kindness type web video for them. The video sharing site has millions of individual visitors every month and this will be their first video they produce. The shoot will take about 4-5 hours on Memorial Day, Monday May 25th. We need people who can help us create fun miniature celebrations. Pay will be $25 dollars for the shoot and will include lunch, snacks, and credit in a viral video. The video will have a huge reach, because the site has a huge built in audience and will be their main marketing video.

I need people who can play fun characters that belong in a celebration. This is what I’m looking for:

-Small Marching Band (already filled)
-a couple Cheerleaders (male or female, look at least 16, preferably have own uniform)
-Hip-hop hype man/woman or breakdancer
-Game show type model
-beauty queen
-Crazy Sign holder
-pro wrestler (think hulk hogan)
-Someone to play a mascot (in a costume)
-Circus type entertainers (juggler, unicyclist, etc)
-Any one who thinks they have a character worthy of a giant celebration (can be a pirate, elvis, ect)
-one female actress to play a variety of small roles.

Nationwide Event Staffing Agency hiring staff for special events, in-store demonstrations, trade shows, wine & spirits tastings, and more.
We are looking for friendly and outgoing male BA’s to promote a popular chocolate brand for a Holiday Road Show. You will be working with another rep on site. The other rep will be there to hand out the chocolate samples. You will be there to be the face of the brand, educate customers about the product and push product sales. BA’s should be able to work ALL dates of the show.

Let me know if you could work all the days :) 12/2/15 – 12/15/15