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Relationship Status Seasons 2 & 3 filming in Utah!

May 22 - June 30

If you are with Anderson Talent & fit the roles you have already been submitted.  If you are not with Anderson Talent, register on this site and an agent will be in contact.


SYNOPSIS:   A continuation of romantic dramedy vignettes featuring both returning and new characters who are all connected through social media networks in New York, Los Angeles, and on a new college campus, as we follow their lives and their hilarious and heartbreaking attempts to find love.


PROJECT NOTES:  An ensemble piece with interlocking stories woven together through vignettes.  Original 12 episodes can be seen on Verizon Go90.


VIOLET:  18-20 years old. Caucasian, very pretty yet approachable.  Fun loving and outgoing.   Violet is passionate about feminist political issues and a little neurotic about guys.  Erin’s (Rita Volk) sister, the two are close and confide in each other regularly.  A contentious relationship with Liam quickly turns romantic when the two realize their tension is actually sexual. PRINCIPAL


CHARLOTTE:  18-20 years old. Any ethnicity. Cute and upbeat. Supportive friend, fun and popular party girl.  While she loves to have a good time, Charlotte also knows her own boundaries and doesn’t allow men to take advantage of her.  She is loyal to the people that matter in her life, encouraging both Paul and Violet to embrace the romances in their lives. PRINCIPAL


ZACH: 18-20 years old. Any ethnicity. HOT!  Confident in himself, openly gay.  Zach isn’t shy about who he is, his sexual orientation or the choices he makes.  Zach is outgoing and enjoys the college party life, but he’s actually a stand up guy who falls hard for Paul and commits fully to their relationship.  Zach only wishes Paul felt a little more comfortable in his own skin. PRINCIPAL


PAUL: 18-20 years old. Any ethnicity. Cute with a great head of hair. Gay and not completely comfortable being public with that, Paul is a bit of a mess emotionally.  Paul has a raging crush on Zach, yet believes he’s way out of his league.  Once the two begin dating, Paul constantly second guesses Zach commitment and affection. PRINCIPAL


BILLY: late 20s. Any ethnicity. Quirky, cute but not traditionally hot.  Billy is an offbeat guy who takes confidence in his own uniqueness.   A lover of magic and the stars, he’s kind hearted, thoughtful and sensitive.  Billy currently makes his living as a Taskrabbit, which he finds extremely rewarding as allows him to connect with and help others.  PRINCIPAL


BOBBY: 27-28 years old, any ethnicity. Cute, in great shape, earnest, Bro-y, confident.  Bobby and Dave are best friends from college living the suburban good life.  A successful entrepreneur, he’s enjoying his carefree twenties dating, spending time with friends and his dog.  Bobby still carries a flame for his old college crush and attends his five-year reunion hoping to sweep her off her feet.  Unfortunately, she’s engaged which sends Bobby into the arms of an equally distraught Violet. PRINCIPAL


DAVE:  27-28 years old, any ethnicity. Best friend cute. Bro-y, but sweet.  Living the Southern California suburban life with a dog and a house.  He’s enjoying post college life with friends and few commitments outside of work and volunteering as an EMT.  Dave is loyal to best friend Bobby and saves the at their five year reunion by enticing a few co-eds out for the night.  PRINCIPAL


KAITLIN: mid 20s. Any ethnicity. Quirky, sarcastic, cool and confidant hipster.  Kaitlin decides to surprise her boyfriend Justin with a special birthday present and arranges for a threesome via a dating app.  When Claire arrives it takes a minute for everyone to get warmed up; eventually the three relax and enjoy their evening.  Surprisingly, Kaitlin and Claire have the strongest connection, one that leads to both intimacy and heartache.  PRINCIPAL 


LIAM 18-20. Any ethnicity. Boy next-door type, happy go lucky and not afraid to share his feelings.  Liam is insanely happy dating Violet.   They spend nearly all of their time together and quickly fall into the perfect college dating rhythm.  Liam tries to take their relationship to the next rational level inviting her home for Thanksgiving and is devastated when she breaks things off.  PRINCIPAL


TESS: Mid 20s. Any ethnicity, Sassy, confidant, straightforward woman. Tess works in the film business and is practically married to her job, not that she minds.  Quick witted and smart, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind.  When her friendship with Church takes and emotionally intimate turn, Tess becomes awkward unsure of how to handle their new dynamic and her growing interest.  PRINCIPAL


NATE:  28-30. Any ethnicity, Pembrooke’s new love interest. Witty and outspoken—stands up for himself but in a charming way.  Nate is a smart and successful risk analyst in NYC.  Emotionally, he’s made it to the adult side and is both trusting and communicative. PRINCIPAL


ANDREW: mid 20’s, any ethnicity, a little too handsome, in phenomenal shape – six pack Paleo devotee.  He and Erin have been dating for about six weeks when she forces him into a DTR conversation.  Andrew likes to keep life simple.  He’s not interested in a relationship and is rather surprised when she presses him to be in one. PRINCIPAL


HANNAH: 27-28 years old, any ethnicity. Stunning beauty. Carefree and outgoing. Hannah is pursuing a masters in Biochemistry, but doesn’t let school get in the way of a good time.  She embraces the non-traditional, living with her boyfriend while they keep their relationship open.  Hannah is looking for experiences, but already has all the commitment she needs in her life.  PRINCIPAL


MARCUS 20s, any ethnicity, clean cut, handsome.  Marcus has been casually dating Claire for several weeks and is settling into a satisfying routine with her when he learns of Claire’s intimate night with Kaitlin.  While Marcus doesn’t have anything against the act itself, he feels mislead and betrayed.  Seeing Kaitlin and Claire together he realizes (even if Claire doesn’t) that she isn’t really interested in being with him.  DAY PLAYER


VAN: late 20’s. Flirty, HOT. Can’t help but radiate cockiness (and it looks good on him).  A friend of Maggie’s, Van takes an interest in Erin during one of Maggie’s fashion events.  After a wild one-night stand, he emails Maggie with disparaging comments about Erin not realizing she’s Maggie’s assistant.  DAY PLAYER


December 15, 2017
5:01 am