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Feature Film Washington & Idaho

September 6 - October 6

 I am producing a feature film that will be shooting in Spokane, WA and the Idaho Panhandle region, primarily Sandpoint, ID scheduled for 09/06 – 10/06.  We have explored talent in the Spokane area, but didn’t find anyone who would be a fit for our film, so we are broadening our search to include the surrounding regions, from Boise and beyond.  We would hope to book a majority of our talent through Boise, but if you have great suggestions from UT or MT, we would certainly take a look.
Attached is a character breakdown and below is the logline for the project:
A teenage girl, fully immersed in the smartphone and VR-centric world of 2020, is forced to face reality in its harshest form after an EMP attack wipes out the entire power grid in America.  With her father at the wheel, who is skeptic of anything “Doomsday”, the precocious teen navigates a perilous stretch of lawless highways and back roads, hoping to connect with her grandfather – a survivalist who has been prepping for this event for years.


December 15, 2017
4:58 am