ANDERSON TALENT – Frequently Asked Questions

Does the agency accept everyone?

We at Anderson Talent are very selective with whom we market.  This business is not for everyone and it is our responsibility to weed through the public to find the talent that best fit our client’s needs.  Our acceptance percentage is 10 – 15%.  Our agents have years of experience interviewing and promoting talent.  

How does AT differ from the other agencies in the area?

Anderson Talent is a full service booking agency.  Unlike the competition, our aim is to prepare you to succeed!  If coaching is needed, we have affordable options with the best coaches in the area.  Many agencies charge a huge amount of money for training and the coaches are not qualified.

How does AT find me projects once I am accepted?

There is a dedicated team at the agency that is constantly contacting previous and new clients in an effort to get you as many projects as possible.  Over the last 16 years, the owner of AT has worked with thousands of clients both locally and nationally.  We have built an amazing reputation with these clients and many of them book talent exclusively due to our work ethic & quality of represented talent.

How do I find out about projects and auditions?

Once you are accepted and you have provided to us your necessary materials, we will release information to you that is not available to the general public.  We ask you to check the website daily for opportunities and to notify us by email if you are available and interested in a given project.  Many clients will not allow us to submit you until you are confirmed and available. Your agent will email a welcome packet. PLEASE read through the information it is very useful and can really help you.

How do I know if I can qualify for a listed project?

If you do not know if the given project is appropriate for you, please call your agent.  Most details given with a project are specific enough for you to decide if you apply.  As your agent, we are always here to help you with any questions so you can be as prepared as possible.  If you are not right for a project, please do not apply – clients set certain stipulations and we cannot send you if you do not fit the criteria.  If there is any doubt at all, please let your agent help you!

When do I get paid for a project?

In this business you are considered an independent contractor and pay schedules vary based on what State the client does their billing from.  Clients are invoiced the same day, but payment can take anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks and sometimes longer for the big national clients.  It is rare that we have clients that refuse to pay, so please be patient!  We want to get paid too; we do everything in our power to expedite the process to get you compensated ASAP!

How does AT get paid?

The agency charges a booking commission of 10 – 15%.  Generally, the clients pay the agency, we deduct our percentage and pay you within 24 hours.  If your check is from AT, we have already deducted our commission.  If you get paid directly from the client, we have not been paid and the commission is due within 7 business days.

What are my chances at getting booked for projects?

If you have been accepted by an agent of AT, they are confident you have what it takes or have future potential to book projects. That does not mean you will be a celebrity next year!  There are many aspects the agents consider when marketing talent. For those of you that do not have extensive training or experience,  you may need to start with the smaller projects to build your resume and then move on to the higher paying types of jobs. Stay devoted, it will be worth the effort.

Why do I need marketing materials such as headshots and resumes?

As a full service booking agency, we are constantly being tested by our clients and competition. Let’s face it – there are talented and pretty people everywhere and to be the top agency, we need to be able to submit the best and have the best first impression possible.  We have found that 98% of Casting Directors, Ad Agencies and Commercial Photographers will not even consider you if we have not submitted a valid industry resume & updated quality professional headshot.  Quality headshots and an industry resume are necessary investments for talent to be successful in this industry.  

Can I go anywhere to get these materials done?

Every talent accepted by AT is marketed differently based on a number of different ideals.  Once accepted, it is best to take the advice and referrals your agent offers.  We are the experts and we understand the types of images that will make you most marketable based on dozens of factors.  Contrary to popular belief, photographers are not created equal and they all have different styles and skill levels (just like models and actors).  Photographers each work in a specialized market. We promote you often to a diversified market depending on you, and the areas we will be promoting you in, making it very hard for a particular photographer to correctly guess what you will need. We highly recommend that you allow your agent to be in contact with the referred studio so they can give precise instructions and details on how we are marketing you to our clients.  This is your first impression, and your headshot/resume can make you or break you.  You only get one first impression!!!

Can I be with other agencies while I am with AT?

Although the agency does not require an immediate contract until we both have proven ourselves, we cannot tolerate conflict with other local agencies.  Local agencies may be working with the same clients, which is a conflict of interest and extremely confusing to hiring clients. We have found that agencies that do not care if you are with multiple agencies are not very serious about promoting you.

What are the contract terms with AT?

We feel it is wise in the beginning to get to know you first and not push you into a contract. Once we both establish a track record we can then work towards a contract if warranted and agreed upon.

What types of projects does AT offer?

AT offers a variety of projects including but not limited to: speaking parts for film, commercial and television, background extra & stand in opportunities, voice over projects, fashion, commercial, print and promotional modeling.